Greetings from sunny Los Angeles! Please enjoy the following updates from your classmates:

Noa Borkan and her daughter, Aviva

Andrew Dominguez has moved out to Durham, North Carolina, after living in Los Angeles for a decade. And while he misses all his SoCal Wes pals, the great cinemas, and the excellent hiking, he’s thrilled to be back in school. Andrew is in the middle of a two-year program at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment where he’s run into quite a number of awesome Wesleyan alums of various vintage who have graduated from the same program, are currently classmates of his, or are teaching or studying elsewhere at Duke. (He’d include their names but he can’t be bothered to ask for their releases). Outside of the Duke bubble, he also gets to hang with Noa Borkan and little baby Aviva. If anyone is ever in the Triangle Area or is thinking about also moving to this cozy part of the country, say hey!

Ashley Garrett writes, “After serving on the SPARK Council for one year, I am a captain for the council, which helps connect young adults to leaders in local government, city services, and one another in Boston. I’ve recruited Ashley Slay ’11, Olivia Grant ’14, and Genelle Faulkner ’13.”

Noah Heau is currently a field researcher within the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention, Care and Treatment. He is also involved in tenant organizing in conjunction with Astoria Tenants Union (ATU) and other autonomous tenant-driven organizations. His band, the Arcane Insignia, released the first single of their second album in October.

Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria writes, “After three years living and working in Washington, D.C., and another three living and working back home in New York, I’m in my final year of law school at Syracuse. Graduation day can’t come soon enough! Law school in your 30s during the COVID era has been a wild ride, but I don’t regret it for a moment. I studied abroad in London this past summer, and I’m planning another shorter study abroad trip to Switzerland in the spring. Time is going by fast, but the adventures are still plentiful. I’m still the same 21-year-old who packed two suitcases and went to Taiwan over a decade ago as a junior at Wes.”

Jake Schofield is in his seventh year of teaching high school science research in Yonkers, New York, and has been getting lots of volunteer help from New York–based Wes friends who’ve met and mentored some his students, including Jesse Humm, Christian McLaren ’13, Alek Barkats, and Katherine Mullins. “Our school is expanding our science and college-access programming to Jersey City, New Jersey, and Nashville, Tennessee, if you or anyone you know is interested!” Shoot Jake an email at

AhDream Smith is happy to share that she recently made her off-Broadway debut in Mint Theater’s world premiere of Partnership by Elizabeth Baker. She was offered the understudy role for all the female parts in the play (five to be specific: Kate Rollings, Maisie Glow, Miss Blagg, Miss Tracey, and Lady Smith Carr-Smith), with a guarantee to go on as Lady Smith Carr-Smith for the final week of performances. It was a privilege to be stretched in such a way and to work with director Jackson Gay again, who she had the pleasure of working with in graduate school. Since the show closed on November 12, she has had several auditions ranging from lead regional theater roles to Broadway and TV. She has also been busy utilizing her talents in the audiobook arena. Last fall she partnered with Learning Ally (a nonprofit that makes audiobooks more accessible for students that have reading challenges) as a primary narrator on their roster and this fall she recorded her first audiobook for Recorded Books. With all these new developments, she is excited to see what the new year has in store.

AhDream Smith in her off-Broadway debut in Mint Theater’s world premiere of Partnership by Elizabeth Baker. Photograph taken by Chris Ocaña, and also featuring Gene Gillette.

Rhyan Toledo writes, “This year I’m celebrating 10 years in NYC! I currently live in West Harlem with my partner and our cat, Wilbur. I’m in the fifth year of my PhD program in clinical psychology at City College where I’m working on my dissertation, which explores LGBTQ+ young adult experiences of religion and spirituality. I’ve also been advocating for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the occupation of Palestine. I encourage other alumni to sign the divestment petition calling on Wesleyan to divest from companies profiting off Israeli occupation and apartheid.”

Jisan Zaman writes, “In 2023 my wife, Alissa, and I were lucky enough to welcome our son, Aktaris, into this world. And we all got to celebrate the wedding of our friends Emma Gorin and Zach Tausanovitch in June.”

Jisan Zaman with his wife, Alissa, and son, Aktaris, attending the wedding of fellow Wes alums Emma Gorin and Zach Tausanovitch.

The Warfish crew of Adam Ilowite, Noah Feingold, Peter Frank, Phil Hall-Partyka, Jeremy Koegel, Julian Silver, Kevin Walters,and David Wei were excited to get together in November for their most recent tournament in Salt Lake City. Congrats to Adam and Jeremy on the win and to those in the group with newborns or babies on the way! 

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