CLASS OF 1962 | 2020 | ISSUE 3

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At the beginning of October, coping with the COVID-19 social distancing was a common thread in the handful of comments received this cycle.

Robin Berrington laments being “holed up in my apartment” and says, “the only times I get out, it seems, is to see a doctor or go to the physical therapist.” However, he says there have been bright spots when, “on glorious fall days, I have asked various sets of two or three friends out for a late afternoon drink and conversation. We can take off our face masks and watch the sun go down.” In a comment that many of us probably will nod our heads at, he writes, “It passes for a social life in D.C.” He says, “I hope everybody else has found their own solution for the current emergency.”

 Jim Dossinger and Ginny are in Winston-Salem, “living at a wonderful retirement community called Arbor Acres.” He has been retired from Exxon for 23 years. He writes he is still in contact with Jim Schroeder on a regular basis. Referring to the COVID-19 distancing, he writes, “Our life is constrained like everyone’s due to the pandemic, but we cope with Zoom meetings, classes, and music. I am also into croquet, golf, and soon, fly-fishing for trout.”

Dick Dubanoski checked in to say that he is “just staying hunkered down.” He says he spends time “doing daily two-mile walks and exercises for my various joint replacements, etc.” 

Bob Gause writes that he is still working two days per week as a pediatric orthopedic consultant, which he says is “mostly to continue teaching residents, med students, and family.” Relating to the social distancing, he offers this piece of advice: “To everyone stuck at home, get a dog! A Jack Russell terrier will make you ten years younger.”

The pandemic did not deter hundreds of residents of Branford, NY, from staging a drive-by retirement party for pediatrician Gary Wanerka in front of the local town hall in July. The hours-long parade of former and current patients capped a 38-year local pediatric practice, with one colleague saying, “He’s just a damn good old-fashioned doctor.” (Thanks to ’68 class notes editor Lloyd Buzzell for sending me the local Shoreline Times article on what was a literal and figurative “moving tribute” to Gary.)

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Note: Wesleyan received the sad news that David Fiske passed away on December 15. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and classmates.