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We have a new leader in the classmate who exceeds Ron Daniel or myself in the number or generations of offspring attending Wesleyan: Richard Barth. Mary E. Barth reports that her family counts three children, two in-laws and one grandson with Wes degrees and she is hoping to add to the list. They are Lea Barth ’84; Michele Barth Still ’91; her husband Charles Still ’90; Alexander Barth ’97; his wife Sara Brodsky Barth ’97 and Lea’s son Nicholas Petrillo ’14. What an accomplishment—keep it up!

Maggie Sanger, the wife of our classmate Richard Paulett Sanger, known as “Dixie” (a nickname coined when he pitched for his high school baseball team), wrote that he passed away on April 20, 2020, survived by three children: Christopher Dick Sanger (Jane Biggs), Peter Marvel Sanger (Mary Jane Macintire) and Molly (Margaret) Sanger Carpenter (S. Preston Carpenter), seven grandchildren and four great granddaughters. Dixie graduated with honors, was an editor of the Cardinal, and served as president of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Dixie spent 24 years with the Wilmington Daily News Journal in various reporting and editorial assignments and was elected president and editor-in-chief of the two newspapers it then published before leaving the company in 1975. In 1976, he founded TRIAD, the Trinity Alcohol and Drug Program, also known as TRIAD Addiction Recovery Services, an important outpost in the community’s struggle to come to grips with the major public health crisis of our time. He joined his wife in becoming one of the first husband-and-wife real estate teams in Delaware. Dixie spent nearly 50 years as a trustee for Wilmington University and longtime chairman of the University’s Student and Alumni Affairs Committee. Maggie spent many happy years visiting him while he was at Wesleyan and is still in touch with his Alpha Delta brothers though many have died. They would have celebrated 67 years of marriage in August. 

I also received notice that Anne Delight Colby Zachos, the widow of Kimon Zachos, our classmate, who passed away in 2014, died on July 2, 2020, having battled Alzheimers for almost 10 years. She was survived by their three daughters, Ellen, Elizabeth and Sarah, having instilled in them the belief that they could accomplish anything. She hosted Gloria Steinem in her guest room, lobbied for passage of the ERA, and actively supported Democratic candidates, despite Kim’s position in the New Hampshire Republican Party and their frequent political debates. 

Hal Buckingham informed me that kudos are due to Seth Rosner, who received this accolade from Michael J. Van Zandt, chair of the Senior Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association in its 35th year of existence: “I want to express my appreciation to the extremely dedicated past leaders of the SLD under whom I’ve served and who’ve been an inspiration to me. Since my association with SLD, I’ve been privileged to know and experience the leadership of many past leaders, but I especially want to thank  . . . Seth Rosner. . . . These leaders of the SLD are an inspiration and model for us all.”

The COVID-19 epidemic caused cancellation of the June cruise I planned to celebrate the numerous occasions mentioned in the last newsletter, but we are hoping to plan another as soon as we are able, as I will be celebrating 90 years of age and 65 years of marriage to Barbara. Also, Maddie Bender (daughter of Samuel and Ellen ’82) will be graduating from Yale School of Public Health with a master’s degree, and grandson Gabriel is graduating high school in Tucson, Arizona.

Please keep well during this unprecedented crisis and send me news.

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