CLASS OF 1998 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

Hello fellow ‘98ers.

It was great to hear from a few of you, and from some farther off spots than usual. Please keep sending in your notes and sightings. I know we would all love to hear a whole range of everyone’s experiences.

Here is the most recent news:

Jehan Manekshaw continues to live in Mumbai with his family—wife Shez and two kids Aden, 7, and Zaya, 3—and have been, like every other family on the planet, dealing with the balance of WFH, Zoomschooling, and staying safe. He continues to run two organizations now in the digital/blended medium: the Drama School Mumbai, and with his wife Shez, Theatre Professionals Education, which focuses on giving schoolteachers the tools from drama with which to do a lot more in their classes. He really misses Miller’s Pond in the summer.

It’s been a long 1.5 pandemic year for Sarah Margon, with both her boys (8.5 and 11.5) doing virtual school until this May (when they returned for just a couple days a week) and her husband and her working from home—sharing an office for much of the time—after nearly 20 years of regular travel for them both. They are nonetheless all healthy and know they are lucky and are so grateful to science for the vaccines that have led to cautiously returning to some version of the “before times.” To that end, Sarah got to join a “just what we all needed” NYC dinner with Amy Rowland (Abbazia), Danielle Woodrow, Emma Cooper-Serber (‘97) and Lauren (Tehan) DiLoreto ‘97 in late May where they laughed and hugged and laughed some more. For the most part, Sarah is now relishing the time at home and with family as she has been nominated by President Biden to be the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. It’s a tremendous honor, with no lack of urgent issues on which to focus. She reports confirmation will hopefully happen by early fall and then she’ll hit the ground running with a grueling schedule, to carrying out the president’s and secretary’s agenda and restoring the U.S. government’s commitment to meaningful human rights and democracy around the world.

Nathan Eddy reports life is good in London—though lockdown restrictions in the UK have made him miss family and friends in New England. He’s been serving as Interim Director of the Council of Christians and Jews since September. CCJ is the oldest interfaith organization in the UK, and their patron is the Queen. He finds it a privilege to be leading dialogue over Israel-Palestine, Holocaust education, and theological education for clergy and rabbis.

Sarah Miller Lipton is happily working at Kaiser Permanente in the Occupational Medicine department in Panorama City, California. She and her husband Glenn have two boys, ages 8 and 6 years old. They are busy with all the kids’ activities—baseball, soccer, tennis, and swimming! They are looking forward to a nice summer in Los Angeles and enjoying the warm weather. Wishing everyone from Wesleyan good health!

Nathan Camp is returning to Connecticut after two decades out west. He is joining Yale University’s Office of International Affairs and looks forward to reconnecting with New England friends and alumni.

I, meanwhile, have been searching out open camping spots, trying to remember, and slowly regain, the feeling of having real-life social activities, and looking for ways to make the world just a little bit better– so send those ideas too, we could all use them.