CLASS OF 1961 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

We’ll start with a personal note from Paul Dickson: “For many years, I had hoped to get a shot at teaching a session at a writing class at Wesleyan. In part I wanted to do a little payback for the writing classes I took from poet Richard Wilbur, the influence of novelist and historian George Garrett, as well as the impetus I got from musicologist David McAlister, who allowed me to write my distinction thesis on rock ’n’ roll. On May 10, I got to do an hour as a guest lecturer in the writing class taught by Dan DeVisé ’89, a neighbor, good pal and highly talented journalist and author. My guest presentation was on his last day of teaching the course. It was both an honor and pleasure to talk (albeit remotely) to a group of Wesleyan juniors and seniors. Among other things, I talked about what it took to make a living as a writer, both glories and the inevitable challenges of living such a life. As for Dan, I have read two early versions of Dan’s new bio of B.B. King which came out in October 2021, and it is a fine work: King of the Blues: The Rise and Reign of B.B. King. Meanwhile, I heartily recommend his last book The Comeback: Greg LeMond, the True King of American Cycling, and a Legendary Tour de France.”

A short note from Bob Hausman reveals his optimism for the world as his progeny populate the planet: “A new baby granddaughter, when all the others are already grown. Few things have shaped me more than my Wesleyan education. A family friend is now on the faculty in theater. Her name is Katie Pearl.

Pete Drayer reports that he and his wife, Sandy, continue living in a lifecare community. John Rogers expects to relocate to Lexington, Kentucky, in September.

His “camp name” is “Mook,” but Russell Mott (aka Bob Lanigan until 1979) is returning to summer camp. “I am celebrating my 82nd year, returning to camp for the summer,” he writes. “This, my 20th summer at Bauercrest, a 90-year-old Jewish summer sports camp in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Since my principal gig is ceramics, I brought my entire studio with me when I moved last year from down south. Two Thanksgivings ago, I asked the director why a sports camp in Massachusetts wanted an 80-year-old potter. ‘I want to establish a working art center,’ he told me, and we are off and running to make that dream a reality. The kids arrive in 72 hours, and the studio is about 80 percent ready. I am figuring this is about as good a job as one could get, and it is all happening during my 82nd summer on the planet. I am truly one of the lucky guys.” Russell adds: “Bauercrest did a wonderfully edited video on ‘Mook,’ and it is on their website:”