CLASS OF 2009 | 2021| ISSUE 1

Hello fellow ’09ers, below are some updates on your classmates:

     Eli Wilson has recently released his first book, through NYU Press, entitled Front of the House, Back of the House: Race and Inequality in the Lives of Restaurant Workers. “The book makes for a pretty decent read for anyone interested in learning (or teaching) about race, service work, immigration, and social inequality. So far, the book has received some promising early reviews.” You can learn about it at

      Evan Coleman had a baby with his wife on December 24, 2020. His name is Reece, and he’s a healthy, happy future Cardinal!

     Sharmeen Mazumder would like to announce the birth of her daughter, Rokeya, and her marriage to Rokeya’s father, Robin Gordon Leavitt.

     Jodie Rubenstein is living in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband and nine-month-old baby Hiram. She is working as the director of development for the Patriotic Millionaires.

     Lastly, after spending a year in Manhattan working as an anesthesiologist on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hollie Matlin moved to the Philadelphia area with her husband Ross and her toddler son, Noah. She is in awe of the wildlife in her yard—groundhogs, foxes and a whole family of deer.

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