CLASS OF 1989 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

It’s a quiet quarter for Michele and Jonathan’s report, Maybe because everyone is still recovering from our 30th Reunion . . . or just *life*. We get it. We blew it, by not telling you in our previous notes that our very own Alexander Chee and Jenno Topping received alumni awards at our last Reunion which is cooler than cool.

Okay, onto the present. We heard from a few folks and this is what they had to say:

Allison Downer wrote in sharing a (funny) summer beach mishap—which involved repeatedly falling out of a new beach chair she never set up before, triggering “an existential crisis” . . . From what we gather, she’s used to the chair attendant setting up her sunbathing spot on vacations so when she attempted to do it on her own it was a big DON’T. Oopsie. We’re glad you got some chillaxing time in this summer, Allison.

Stephan Kline writes: “My younger son (Benjy Kline ’23) is a proud and enthusiastic member of Wes 2023. He joins his brother Noah ’21 on campus. Oh, Oregon is an awesome place to visit, all of it!”

Dave Keller spent a good chunk of the summer on tour with his band in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, performing songs from his Blues Music Award-nominated album, Every Soul’s a Star. He is busy planning his first European tour, writing songs for his next album, and raising his two teenage daughters.

Ethan Vesley-Flad moved to Accra with his family to spend a year (or more!) in Ghana. He was grateful to see so many classmates at the 30th shortly before leaving the U.S. He just missed seeing former roommate Paul Klehm in Ghana, but hopes to host one (or more!) Wes friends in the coming months.

Meanwhile, we’ll be trolling your inboxes in the next quarter looking for your updates. Happy winter!

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