CLASS OF 2018 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

A whole year has gone by and we are excited to share what your fellow classmates have been up to, and will be up to, in the next few months!

Talia Kaplan is moving from D.C. to New York to study for rabbinic ordination and a master’s in Jewish education at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Talia is excited to integrate Jewish texts and tradition with her work in community organizing, social justice, and education.

Lily Segal just finished her first year of medical school and has been volunteering in Philadelphia with those experiencing homelessness, to connect them to Philadelphia’s community resources and also get them signed up for health insurance and get them primary care doctors. It’s been insanely rewarding and a lot of what she’s been doing she couldn’t have done without Wesleyan!

Jackson Barnett will be heading to Boston University School of Law in the fall!

John-Henry Carey just finished his first of three years at Columbia for his MFA in acting. This summer, he will be camping in the Maui rainforest and working at Camp Hokukea at Sam Paik’s [’90] summer camp in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Sam is the father of Ellen Paik ’16.)

Joanna Paul and her coworker are taking a group of high school students to Los Angeles for a week this summer to engage in service with people (foster care populations and homeless populations) and with the land (beach cleanup, invasive species removal, and organic farm work). They will be meeting up with Oliver Goodman ’17 for a fire-damage tour.

Last August, Phoebe Howe moved to Honduras to teach English to first graders. It has been an absolutely wild year for her. Next year, she’ll teach second grade and coordinate the volunteer program at her school.

Since graduation, Spencer Gooding has moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles and is working as the special assistant to the chairman of a production company called Mandalay Pictures. He plans to work in the film industry, and before he started this job he tried his hand at making his own short film that is still in the processes of being finished. The experience has taught him he still has a lot to learn, but his job is a great place to start.

Marty Rubin is a high school Spanish teacher in Bridgeport, Conn., working his way towards a master’s in education from Johns Hopkins University.

Marjorie Kozloff has been summoned to grand jury duty.

Brittany Gilmore will be attending the Robert Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont beginning in August pursuing her MD degree! She is very excited but keep her sanity in your prayers.

Margot Metz will be starting dental school at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine this August (class of 2023).

Nicole Boyd has spent most of this year working as an intern at the Center for Italian Modern Art, an exhibition space and research center in downtown Manhattan, and she’ll be starting graduate school in the fall! She will be entering the history of art PhD program at Yale, where the focus of her research will be the Italian Baroque.

Natasha Timmons is working in D.C. as the learning and development coordinator at Conservation International.

Blake Pritchard is working at Gray Organschi Architecture in New Haven, helping out with computer and physical modeling, as well as work in the wood shop.

Henry Lombino has been working in NYC on a couple of off-Broadway shows (Catch as Catch Can and Proof of Love) and this spring he was the operations intern for the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn. He also worked with the Guggenheim fellow Raphael Xavier, who performed his dance piece Point of Interest at Wes by designing his website and helping him establish his mentorship program.

Please keep us updated on your life adventures and make sure to write us about you are up to for the next publication!


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