CLASS OF 1999 | 2019 | ISSUE 1

Sarah Sikowitz lives with her husband, Aaron, in her hometown, Cambridge, Mass., and works at Harvard Business School running the MBA career coaching program. Their son, Emmett, just started kindergarten at their neighborhood school and is loving it. Their daughter, Rose, just turned 3 and is having fun terrorizing the entire family! Also, in higher ed—Gabe Paquette and his family moved to Eugene, Ore., where Gabe is dean of the honors college at the University of Oregon. Gabe, Johanna Richlin ’08, and their daughter, Antonia, welcomed baby Reuben into their family in June. In related but unconnected news, Josh Goldshlagand his wife, Josiane, had a baby girl, Elin Santos Goldshlag, on July 8.

Kate Whitman Annis lives in Morristown, N.J., with husband, Craig, and their four boys: Clayton ,13, John, 13, Walker, 9, and Chase, 7. They all attend The Pingry School where Kate works as the associate director of advancement and the girls’ varsity ice hockey coach. This year, she joined the National Women’s Hockey League as the assistant coach for the Metropolitan Riveters. “For female players, being able to continue your hockey career after college is an incredible opportunity and the NHWL something I am really proud to be a part of.”

Despite January’s government shutdown, our Wes classmates move on. From Zack Becker: “Amy Martin won her election for district judge of the 263rd District Court here in Harris County and was sworn in on Jan. 1. Many thanks to the Wes’ers who helped with the campaign.” (#thisiswhy). Kenny Rios has accepted a new position at the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Kenny is their new training program manager. Kenny is continuing a Wesleyan tradition—NCTC’s last director, Nicholas Rasmussen ’87, was also a Wesleyan graduate.

After 15 years at NPR, Alison MacAdam left the “mothership” to take on freelance work as an editor for audio documentaries (“which inevitably means podcasts, but still—radio is alive and well, too!”). Her first job was the podcast, Believed, about Larry Nassar and the women who took him down. “If you want to understand how abusers are able to act with impunity for decades, Believedwill give you a lot of powerful and poignant answers. Hit me up if you want to talk podcasting, narrative, audio journalism, etc.!”

Liz Garcia moved to Brooklyn with her family. She has two young boys and sees neighborhood Wes folk and their kids frequently. This includes but is not limited to Lauren Kesner, Amy (Abazzia) Rowland ’98, Elizabeth LeSure Epstein and Jim Epstein, and Chris O’Falt and his wife Maggie. “Two years ago, I made a movie staffed with young Wes people and shot by Andreas Burgess ’01 (cameo by his wife Sadia Shepard ’97!). I’m trying to figure out how to balance my love of my native East Coast and my West Coast career as a screenwriter/filmmaker. I’ll be at Reunion in the spring (my first!) and am really eager to see old friends.”

Great news! Alejandra St. Guillen is running for Boston City Council at-large. This is the seat formerly held by Ayanna Pressley who was just elected to Congress to represent Boston.

Ari Gerzon’s new book, Money Fit: Six Steps to Financial Well-Beingwas just published on Amazon. He wrote, “The seeds of my book emerged 20 years ago, when I decided that I didn’t want to be a broke teacher and was not willing to sacrifice following my passion in order to make more money. I knew that I did not want money to become central to my existence, yet at the same time I wanted to use it to support my growth and well-being. Unfortunately, I had no idea where to start. My hunger to learn about the pathway to financial freedom started as a hobby and grew into an area of expertise.

“I wrote this book for three main reasons:

1) Most of the books about money are too complicated, long, or confusing. Our youth (and people of all ages) deserve information that is concise and clear.

2) I am saddened and motivated by how economic inequality is perpetuated due in great part to a knowledge gap. Young people of all backgrounds can pursue their dreams with greater intentionality if they have access to the key kernels of financial wisdom.

3) Most books about money are just about money. I wanted to write about the important link between financial literacy and overall well-being and growth.”

We hope many of you are planning to come to Reunion! Many of our classmates have been working for several months to plan special events and gatherings. It promises to be a great time to not only reconnect with old friends but to meet classmates that you never knew. Registration and more information about the weekend can be found at

As for your class secretaries, we just keep getting older. Darryl is awaiting another summer in Maine (the payoff for surviving winter in Maine). After six years building out an enterprise business at Zocdoc in NYC, Kevin has moved into an advisory role there and started his next chapter in health care. He recently caught up with Dave Katz ’97 and Chris Gaither ’97 in San Francisco while out there for a conference.

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