CLASS OF 1968 | 2019 | ISSUE 1

Class of 1968 Endowed Wesleyan Scholarship Fund
Caroline Pitton ’22, Seattle, WA
Dylan Judd ’22, Bellmore, NY

I am ruthless about keeping these notes non-political. But today I slept late, as I often do, and awoke to learn of a massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue. My heart is just breaking for our country.

Bill Shepard died right after Reunion. A swimmer, he competed at Pingry and Wes. He took vacations where he could swim recreationally and imbued his children and grandchildren with a love for the water. A decorated Vietnam combat veteran who spent a year at a riverboat base, he explored foreign cultures in a long, distinguished career in high finance—with assignments in Tokyo and Saudi Arabia—after a degree from Columbia Business School. He concluded his career in Houston as head of U.S. operations for the Riyad Bank. Tony Mohr ’69, a Superior Court judge in LA, who transferred into Wes, wrote me noting how kind Bill had been about taking him under his wing when Tony didn’t know anybody.

Local/crew news: Judy, who is a Francophile without mobility issues, went to Brittany in the spring (regular paid vacations are in her prenup) and we went to Alaska in August. Great fun. More landscape and wildlife than you can shake a stick at. On Oct. 2, Will Macoy ’67, Bob Svensk, John Lipsky, Nason Hamlin, and I had dinner down by the boathouse to celebrate crew, old times, and Harrison Knight’s birthday. Phil Calhoun ’62 was not sufficiently recovered from a trip to Tuscany to grace us with his presence. As we were playing near the water, Santa Fe-based Joe Kelly Hughes ’67 was in Wilmington, N.C., working for FEMA. In November, he’d moved on to Paradise, Calif. Also, in November, Ellen and Wallace Murfit celebrated their 45th with a trip to places like Budapest, Salzburg, and Trieste.

In September, I heard from Sandy See just before he was off to Florence. He played a pivotal role at our 50th—as I told him, he has been our de facto class president since 1964—and his long-standing, multi-dimensional contributions to the University and the wider world were recognized by a special McConaughy award at Reunion. After graduation, he taught in Maine, then spent 10 years on the staff of Rep. Gerry Studds, D-Mass., a “very intelligent and committed” representative for “a socially and economically diverse” district that includes Boston suburbs and New Bedford. Sandy’s got a master’s in education and a law degree, and he moved into full-time development work for some worthy Boston-area educational and environmental non-profits. He is one of those retired but extremely busy types.

George Reynolds saw Southeast Asia from a destroyer, spent (with Dick Cavanagh’s help) a year in the Nixon administration and then morphed into a Baltimore attorney with an almost fun, junior partnership in a small local wine store on the side. At this point, he is spending more time in the garden than in the office, very busy as a trustee for Baltimore’s amazing Walter’s Art Museum, and celebrating his daughter’s new position as an assistant attorney general in Brian Frosh’s office. He has done a lot for us over the years. Thank you. Enjoyed seeing John Baggerman and the Reunion in general.

I heard from Stuart Ober, one of the Reunion’s tri-chairs and the recipient of an Alumni Service Award. He migrated from being an art major who studied French literature at the Sorbonne to an MBA and becoming an expert witness in fraud and securities litigation based in Woodstock, N.Y. (He was instrumental in helping send Bernie Madoff to the Big House) as well as a publisher. His son, Alexander (15), a whiz of a student and a starter for the New York State soccer team, attended Reunion and was one of its highlights for me. A scholar and a gentleman.

Our son attended the same preschool that Gus Spohn’s [’70] and Sarah Clark’s [’73] daughter, Katy ’05, did. Fast forward a million years and Katy’s a parent there who wrote a moving solicitation letter for the school. JoAnn and Bob Runk ’67 are still putting out music, at this point from Pinehurst, N.C., with their children and grandchildren. I heard from Dave Webb from St. Petersburg—Russia, where he and Barb celebrated their 50th.

I know I am terribly guilty of reporting highlights but—if it ever was—life is no longer a competition. (Personally, I gave up on trying to keep up with you all long ago). So, whatever you are doing, please let me hear from you.

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