CLASS OF 2018 | 2018 | ISSUE 3

Hey, Class of 2018, hope you are all doing great! Here are some updates: Adriana Phillips is getting her master’s in dance/movement therapy at Sarah Lawrence College. Jason Mitchner is working at Paradigm Talent as a music assistant to continue his passion for music and to stay competitive.

Joanna Paul is working for a nonprofit college access program in Chicago as a reading coach. She is helping first-generation, low-income students from underrepresented backgrounds get the support they need to get into college. She is taking her students to see Hamilton next month and is super excited. She misses y’all.

John Henry Vansant and Sarah Regan are serving as the campaign manager and field organizer for a Democratic campaign for the Colorado House of Representatives.

Diana Dominguez is an intern at the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center. Among other projects, she is doing health education on HPV and recruiting patients for a study on HPV prevalence and persistence in inner city youth. She is very excited to start her position as a care coordinator at Mount Sinai next month. She will be working with high school youth in school based health clinics, navigating them through barriers and advocating between staff for their needs.

Brandon Sides is living in New York. He begins an intensive coding boot camp in January and will work as a web developer upon completion of the course. Out of the 52 New York-based alumni in tech that Brandon reached out to, more than half responded to his cold e-mails! Brandon would like to thank Peter Frank ’12, Nathan Shane ’13, Sam Wheeler ’15, and Tim Devane ’09, who offered their advice or provided career support of some kind.

Jamie Shi, Ray Miao, and Phoebe Chen worked on a Wes alumni art showcase in New York that opened in September. See the poster at

Thank you to everyone who reached out and be on the lookout for future e-mails to let us know what you are up to!

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