CLASS OF 1991 | 2018 | ISSUE 3

In September, Sam Schneider launched the #CrossWithClams campaign, with graphics provided by Jamie Treworgy. While the hashtag never trended, the effort made a difference, and all are relieved to see the university abandon the rebranding of the logo.

Dan Mackta joined Qobuz as managing director. Qobuz, a Paris-based high-res music service with the reputation of great selection and high sound quality, launches in the U.S. in late 2018.

Brett Hardin serves as the head of the high school at Paideia School in Atlanta. His wife also works at the school as parent education coordinator and all three of their children attend the school (Alejandra, 12th, Carolina, seventh, and Russell, fifth), making it quite the family affair. Traditionally, Paideia has always had a strong link to Wesleyan and four graduates are current students.

Rajal Cohen writes with plenty to celebrate: she received tenure and is now an associate professor in the department of psychology and communication studies at the University of Idaho; and after 11 years with her partner, they married in 2017, just two years after marriage equality arrived in Idaho.

Rajal has also returned to backpacking, after a 30-year hiatus! In 2017 she explored the Seven Devils Mountains in the Hells Canyon Recreation Area, and this past summer, it was a trip to the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains. “Scrambling up the Oregon Matterhorn was challenging—and coming down was harder—but it was worth it!”

Dana and Jeremy Sacks joined Nicki and Jim Miller on a trip to Glacier National Park, along with travel back to Portland via the Empire Builder. Jeremy reports, “There were still some glaciers to see.”

On July 14, 2018, in Brooklyn, Julia Fischer and Vincent Collazo married in the company of family and friends. “It was a wonderful, magical wedding, and we took a honeymoon to Croatia in August.”

George Irvine earned a PhD in urban affairs and public policy from the University of Delaware in May. “It is possible to work full-time, have a family, coach Little League baseball, and earn a PhD—though in hindsight I have no idea how I did it. My Wesleyan liberal arts education really helped me with the PhD’s epistemology seminar. It pays to know Dewey, Weber, Kant, and Hegel when you’re debating how we know what we know.”

Now living in Nashua, N.H., Michael Reinke runs the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter and spends time exploring his New England roots.

After a brief stint in Montréal with his family, Spencer “Kip” Boyer is back in D.C. with affiliations at the Brookings Institution, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania, and the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Look for Jeremy Arnold’s new book, Christmas in the Movies: 30 Classics to Celebrate the Season, published by Running Press and Turner Classic Movies. He also contributed to The Call of the Heart: John M. Stahl and Hollywood Melodrama, which traces the career of classic director John Stahl. Some of his recent commentary tracks can be heard on the Blu-rays of Raw Deal (1948), You Only Live Once (1937), and Ride Lonesome (1959). Look for him on TCM in December as a guest host, introducing Christmas movies with Ben Mankiewicz.

And more news in the world of books: Andrew Junker’s book, Making Activists in Global China, will be published by Cambridge University Press in February. Andy moved to Hong Kong in last January to take on the role of the Hong Kong director of the Yale-China Association.

I’m managing in the chaos of D.C., helped by taking time in other locations. In August, Andy and I spent a week exploring Odessa, and were joined by Maria Floyd Cohen and her sons on an amazing trip through history. From Odessa, I traveled to Warsaw, Poland, and presented at the International Association of Jewish Genealogists. When not wearing out another pair of shoes marching in protest, I continue to provide research to a variety of clients as they explore their families’ pasts.

Renée K. Carl |