David W. Mize ’51

David W. Mize ’51 passed away on July 20, 2018 at the age of 90 as a result of injuries sustained in a single auto car crash. He was doing what he loved at the time of the crash, which was driving a car on beautiful back road in Vermont. The last six months of his life were very full. He attended dinner parties, read new books, had lemon cake, and spent time with family. He is survived by his oldest daughter, Betsy Currie, her husband Peter, and their sons Peter and Tim, and by his youngest daughter, Lucy Mize ’78, her husband Tim Brown, their children Thaddeus ’17 and Belle. He will be missed by many, we will celebrate his life on Sept 8th in Chelsea Vermont. Below is a link to a local paper, which includes the story his twin sister told that he talked his way into Wesleyan.

We thank the daughter of Mr. Mize for this information.