CLASS OF 1958 | 2018 | ISSUE 2

The last hurrah has come and gone. For our 60th Reunion Wesleyan was very accommodating with golf carts to transport us old-timers around the campus and a designated area to park. Meals on Friday were cafeteria-style and satisfactory. Saturday lunch at Patricelli was superb and our gala Saturday evening was spectacular. Unfortunately, John Corkran’s wife, Toni, sustained a serious shoulder injury and she and John had to head to North Carolina so they missed our Saturday evening dinner. Sad because John had worked so hard to make our 60th a success. Priscilla and Bob Hayes were also absent due to confusion over their motel reservations. And we missed Mel Cote and Bob Schoetz.

Bill Herbst, professor of astronomy, was our featured speaker and his 30-minute presentation was relevant and interesting.

Dick Goldman received the Wesleyan University Service Award, richly deserved, presented by Bill Krenz.

On Saturday at 3 p.m., Dick Goldman and Dick Seabury led a one-hour discussion group where we discussed what we do in the way of community service. From my perspective, Brenda and Rick Pank were the clear leaders in this area.

Besides the attendees, I received a note from David Schalk (alive and well, nothing outstanding to report) and a lengthy e-mail from Ezra Amsterdam. He is working hard as ever, publishing papers and books and was listed among the top 27 cardiologists in the U.S. Bart Bolton, who did attend Saturday night, is excited by the marriage of his oldest granddaughter and the granting of an academic scholarship to another granddaughter. Neil Springborn says hi to all classmates. His health is good, but he was injured and damaged his hip socket. Six weeks in traction cured him, but he fears that a hip replacement is in his future. Funny note: He advises not to vacuum while wearing headphones. He wore headphones, did the whole house then realized the vacuum was not plugged in. Finally, Jack Wright reveals that his study of neurobiology is paying off. He believes that recent discoveries are evolutionary, challenging many theories in education, psychology, and sociology.

Bob Wuerthner apologizes for missing the 60th; too much on his plate. He and Joan are well, enjoying Kennebunk and their home, and they feel fortunate to be living close to their kids and seven grandchildren. Bob, despite a fused lower back and a new knee, plays doubles tennis three times a week, mostly against opponents 15 to 20 years younger. He and Joan did a wonderful Road Scholar trip to Cuba in March.

John Corkran reports that Toni is recovering from her injury well. Three weeks in a sling then physical therapy. John was published for the third time by the Black Mountain College (BMC) special edition of the Appalachian Journal. His article “Extra Innings” traces his lifelong relationship with BMC students and faculty whom he first met as an 11-year-old. His first article dealt with alumni programs for the support of education. His second was a humorous poem about the mysteries of recognizing gender today. John wants to express his gratitude to the donors who helped us reach and exceed our goals and to those who served on the Reunion committee.

Thanks to Theresa Kidd, our Wesleyan liaison. We were able to receive our latest yearbook, Class of 1958 60th Reunion. Send to the alumni office for a copy. At our gala Saturday evening the list of our deceased classmates was on the back of the program. We took about 15 minutes to eulogize some who were close to us.

Question, will we have a 65th Reunion?

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