CLASS OF 1955 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

So happy to have received responses from several members of the “Crucial Class” for this issue of our Wesleyan magazine. And, speaking of the magazine, let me offer my praise to the staff for such an outstanding issue with its history of the university. I’m sure many of you also appreciate the words regarding Ed Beckham, whose influence helped launch Wesleyan on its “color blind” policy.

John Sheaff wrote that he and Lois have really no reason to complain at this stage of life, which in truth means they are in decent health without any infirmities holding them back. He adds, “just no more leaping over tall buildings.” They continue to be active in their church, which John stated that would make “John Wesley proud of them.” Like many others, the record-cold weather kept them indoors more than usual, but he recalls that he skied in such weather for 45 years with family before giving up the sport some 10 years ago. His sage advice to all of us when it comes to the brutal cold weather is “just stay indoors and dress appropriately.” Obviously, he’s put his Wes education to good use.

Looks as if Drew Clemens and Julie are changing their lifestyle somewhat by moving into senior facilities with an independent living facility in South Franklin Circle near Cleveland. As many of us have experienced, downsizing can be intense, but the results can be very worthwhile! Drew does a little teaching, writing and professional society work, and continues as an emeritus professor while finding time for some tennis and, of course, singing! He reports both remain in good health. Their four grandchildren are doing well, even if one graduated from Williams like her dad! Drew wishes “good health and good cheer in 2018 to all of us.”

Our Class Traveler, Jim Shepard, sent a message of encouragement to me, reminding all of experiencing the brutal winter weather that “this too will pass!” My response was to relate what my dad had told me many years ago when he moved to Florida in the 1970s, and this was to file a complaint with the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce and demand a refund! No reports of any travel experiences, but knowing Jim, I’m sure the next class notes column will describe great adventures.

“I can’t play golf anymore” began Jake Congleton’s note. Jake related he was driving a golf cart while his wife, Sally, played a course in Bradenton, Fla. They were teamed with a man and his father who were visiting from Boston. The father turned out to be 87, a pretty good golfer, and he was carrying his own bag. They talked about prep schools and education in general. As Jake said, “To make a long story short, he turned out to be Brad Turner ’53 who was an Eclectic fraternity brother. It wasn’t until the 12th hole that we figured that out. Small world indeed.”

Sadly, we were notified of the passing of Duncan Wall on Jan. 9. Duncan was the president of Delta Upsilon and played baseball at Wesleyan until an arm injury sidelined him. Duncan had a long and fulfilling career as a librarian.

Marianne and I felt lucky, compared to many others, to have made it through the end of 2017 will relatively little discomfort. My biggest disappointment was finishing the year with less than the annual 5,000-mile cycling goal. Rain and unusually high heat index figures really did make me and the gang accept what was reasonable and sane! The final miles ridden figure was 4,631. All I needed was another month, but I’m still very thankful I can continue to ride four days a week (weather permitting). Now, as long as my knees continue to behave, let’s see what the new year brings.

As always, to you and your loved one, my very best wishes for good health and happiness throughout the year.

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