CLASS OF 1958 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

Since I live in Naples, Fla., I did have a couple of e-mails as to our status during and after Irma. Briefly, we evacuated to Mobile, Ala., and returned September 24 to minimal damage.

In late May, Kay and I flew to The Hague to celebrate my granddaughter’s high school graduation. Four days later Kay, daughter Kara, and I flew to Toulouse in southern France. We rented a car and drove to Lectoure where Burr Edwards is in semi-retirement. After four glorious days and some great French wine, we flew back to Amsterdam. Burr and Pirkko were very hospitable, and Burr is still available for consulting work in Africa.

Bart Bolton inquired about our safety and told me that Charley Denny had left Naples for safety in Charlotte, N.C. Bart hopes that Florida will recover enough for our annual luncheon in Punta Gorda.

Tana and Roger Paget have moved from La Jolla, Calif., to Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are living in a three-generation household, with youngest son and family.

A nice note from Bill Krenz asks about our survival and mentions that he and Rosemary just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. He recalls their first home in Veterans Village where the rent was $28 per month.

Bob Furber is anticipating our 60th Reunion and relates his “adventure” viewing the eclipse in Wyoming. The tour started in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Toni and John Corkran just returned from a 2,400-mile trip to the West Coast.  They attended the wedding of a cousin in Leavenworth, Wash. They camped in their travel trailer and found their camping skills still in good order.

A note from Dick Goldman covers a few topics. He is making progress on his quest to unite Wesleyan lawyers in the Boston area. He now has contacted 18. We also talk golf and our continual search to regain lost distance. He will visit a son in Vermont this fall.

John Arnold e-mailed about the death of Beau Freeman. John obtained a brief statement from Beau’s wife, Peggy. “Beau was a gentleman the likes of which they don’t really make anymore.” Beau had 59 years in the family auction business.

A long note from Art Geltzer described the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, September 21-24. This festival seems to be really novel since it moves from room to room. Art is gathering votes for aesthete of the class of 1958.

Nothing more except a reminder that our 60th looms next May.

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