CLASS OF 2012 | 2017 | ISSUE 2

I’ll begin by congratulating all my fellow Cardinals on five years from the nest. I think I speak for all when I say that this time has gone by in a blink of an eye. It comes as no surprise that within these five years, our classmates have been busy changing the world around them.

Hannah Monk graduated with her doctorate in clinical psychology from William James College in Newton, Mass. Congrats Hannah!

Michaela Swee received her master’s and is going on to complete her PhD at Temple University’s clinical psychology program in Philadelphia, specializing in the research and treatment of adult anxiety and depressive disorders. She fills her spare time doing the voiceover for Hera, an intelligent computer operating system that runs the Haphaestus station. Michaela is also working on Wolf 359’s fourth and final season with fellow Wes alumni Gabriel Urbina ’13, Zach Valenti, Sarah Shachat, Emma Sherr-Ziarko ’11, Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs ’11, Zach Libresco ’13, Noah Masur ’15, Michelle Agresti ’14, Scotty Shoemaker ’13, Ariela Rotenberg ’10, Alan Rodi ’12, and Jared Paul ’11.

Julian Silver is working in film and writing with Reiss Clauson-Wolf ’13. When not writing, he is also keeping the LA coffee market afloat with Reiss’ better half, Dana Levy ’12.

Adrian Rothschild is working at Nickelodeon on interactive preschool content for Noggin, which just launched as a revamped iOS app. Adam also started as the director of digital content for the Children’s Media Association, a nonprofit network of producers, writers, artists, and researchers in the children’s media industry.

Grace Ross is living the New York life as a literary agent at Regal Hoffmann & Associates. She recently moved to Brooklyn, and in her time away from reading, she sings in the Grace Church Choral Society.

JoAnna Bourain is starting dental school at the University of Minnesota in the fall. In four years’ time she will be JoAnna Bourain, DDS.

Jake Walkup is teaching at the middle school of his youth in Manhattan. When he is not shaping the minds of our future, he is coaching the school’s first Ultimate Frisbee team, which is vying for a championship in its debut year. Dan Verdejo and Gabriel Finkelstein are also teachers who teach math, writing, literature, science, and social studies classes, among other things. As a previous educator, I can say confidently that this is no easy feat!

Raghu Appasani is finishing up his final year of medical school in Massachusetts, but continues to make frequent trips to NYC to visit his old roommates from Wesleyan. He runs the MINDS Foundation, along with the involvement of many Wesleyan community members and spends as much time as possible in India.

Finally, Peter Frank, Stephen Nangeroni, Drew Hudson, Sam Tureff, and Bill Walen bested Alex Meadow, Robert Troyer, Malcolm (Mac) Schneider, and Zach Dixon in the championship game of their 4v4 soccer league. May the best team win!

Allegra Heath-Stout married Laura Heath-Stout ’11 in October, and has been enjoying married life in Somerville. Allegra runs a fellowship program at JOIN for Justice in Boston, training Jewish young adults in community organizing.

As for me, I am approaching my one-year anniversary at Bridgewater Associates and enjoying the East Coast summer. Wishing the entire class of 2012 continued success, health, and happiness.

Daisey Perez |