CLASS OF 2008 | 2017 | ISSUE 2

Matthew Linder got married to the lovely and brilliant Amy Foote, and his group, Mobius Trio, is still touring the world playing “weird guitar music.” They will be touring Brazil in June.

Grace Overbeke is in graduate school, pursuing her doctorate at Northwestern University’s interdisciplinary PhD in theatre and drama, where she is writing about Jewish female stand-up comedians. She and her fiancé share a fish named Lucius, who is still alive.

Ruby Corbyn-Ross writes, “Most of my focus this spring has been on my band, Blato Zlato, a six-piece Balkan band with Annalisa Kelly. We released our first album in January and went up to New York to do a CD release tour and play at the Zlatne Uste Golden Festival. We won a grant to produce a music video for one of the songs from the album, which will be released in mid-May (“Miatalo Lenche Iabalka”), got asked to reinterpret a song off the Voyager Golden Record for an upcoming documentary which we’ll be filming in mid-June, opened for and collaborated on a show featuring Nels Cline of Wilco, and we’re putting together another awesome big show for the fall. I’m also singing in a 10-piece Balkan women’s vocal ensemble, Trendafilka, singing and playing guitar with my country-folk duo, Crossing Canal, and teaching reading remediation full-time at the International School of Louisiana. This summer my husband and I are going to India for two weeks and I’m hoping to meet up with some Wes friends there!”

Lyz Nardo’s company, Tipsy Scoop, continues to grow rapidly. She writes, “We opened our first ice cream ‘barlour’  (ice cream parlour meets bar) on May 7 and serve 15 flavors of boozy ice cream and sorbet to patrons from near and far! As COO, I have been busy trying to balance catering, events, wholesale orders, nationwide shipping, and the new retail location. While I am exhausted, I am truly happy and feel so lucky to work with my fantastic team! As if the store was not reason enough to celebrate, I got engaged last month to my Israeli fiancé. Lastly, I am thrilled to announce Tipsy Scoop’s first franchise will be in Israel and run by] my future brother and sister-in-law. Yay!”

Liat Olenick is resisting with Indivisible Nation BK. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Janie Stolar’s rash is clearing up. Marianna Foos writes, “The stars aligned and I found myself adopting a hypo-allergenic rescue cat named Herbie. She is perfect.”

Finally, Behdad Bozorgnia is one of the chief residents at the University of Pennsylvania department of psychiatry and thought it would be interesting for the Wesleyan community to know that three out of the four chief residents are Wesleyan graduates, including Eric Rosoff ’04 and Ashley Un ’09.

Alicia Collen Zeidan |