CLAIRE E. RANDALL, an education training manager as well as a singer and composer, died Dec. 8, 2016, at age 27. A music major who was a natural-born singer and performer, she focused on ethnomusicology and jazz studies. She was a member of New Group and Mad Wow, and she starred in a mockumentary Web series called Wannabes. She led and collaborated on many musical projects. After graduation she joined Trot Fox as a vocalist and worked for Resonant Motion, a nonprofit that focused on facilitating the creation of inspirational music. She also worked as education and training manager at Patron Technology, a customer-relationship management technology company for the arts industry. Passionate about social justice, she was an active feminist and never lost sight of the marginalized. Survivors include her mother, Anita Randall, two siblings, and her partner for six years, Gabe Gordon ’11.