CLASS OF 2016 | 2016 | ISSUE 2

Newly equipped with Wesleyan diplomas, the Class of 2016 continues to venture into post-grad life. We’re traveling to new cities, signing our first leases, and getting used to no longer wondering how many meal points we’ve got left.

Miranda Haymon is enjoying time with her family at home in Boston before moving to Berlin, Germany, for the summer. She will be taking on this adventure with Lynn Ma and Russell Thomas ’17. Miranda also plans on meeting up with a lot of other alums while there. Afterwards, she’ll head to D.C., to be the directing fellow at Arena Stage.

Matthew Siegelman, doing cognitive neuroscience research at MIT, has moved into a house with a cat.

Celia Joyce is traveling around Europe for the summer, visiting 10 countries and 19 cities throughout her adventures.

Melissa Leung is prepping to take her driving exam, and also au pairing in Barcelona and Istanbul this summer. In the fall, Melissa will be traveling to Southeast Asia before moving from New York to D.C., where she will be joining IBM as a consultant in the public sector.

Bulelani Jili will be a member of the 2016 class this fall at the Yenching Academy, an elite interdisciplinary graduate leadership program at Peking University in China. The academy hosts a program designed to cultivate global leaders with broad critical thinking skills and a cultural understanding of China. Bulelani is excited for this opportunity, and believes that this experience will greatly add to his understanding of politics and its ills, and also to his passion for crafting concrete public policy solutions, especially for a geopolitical landscape that continues to shift increasingly towards China.

Madeleine Junkins is a research associate in the neuroscience department at NYU Langone Medical Center. She’ll be moving to Brooklyn with Nina Stender and Alyssa Glanzer, and is excited to meet up with Wes alums in NYC!

Ellen Paik moved to Manhattan and started work in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs. Ellen is still getting used to the bustle of New York City, but enjoys the abundance of delicious pizza, New York bagels, and fellow Wes alums. Ellen also continues to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.

Thank you to those who wrote in! Hope to see many of us during Homecoming Weekend later this fall!

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