CLASS OF 2007 | 2016 | ISSUE 2

Victoria writes: One more year until our 10th Reunion and a lot of excitement already brewing for the class of 2007! The careers of ’07ers are filled with excitement:

After finally receiving her dual Italian-American citizenship, Tess Amodeo-Vickery has been taking advantage of her open borders by touring her first studio album, Soul Whisperer, across Europe and North America, “collaborating with local artists to rediscover my music and my image as part of her Soul Voyager concept tour (” For Wes alumni in the Boston area, she played Club Passim’s Campfire Festival on May 27 before continuing on to Montreal!

After spending his 20s on Capitol Hill advising members of Congress, like Rep. John Lewis (Ga.) (and becoming a 2015 defending Jeopardy! Champion), Will Anderson is headed back home to Atlanta. After a brief stint in corporate relations, Will returned to public service as communications director for the City of Atlanta’s Office of Sustainability. He’s focused on making his hometown a greener, stronger, and more sustainable place for everyone to live, work, and play. He encourages fellow civic-minded folk to reach out!

Jeffrey Petrusek graduated from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine in May and will be starting an otolaryngology residency at Loyola Medical Center in July.

Vlad Gutkovich is living in Oakland, Calif., with wife Nicole Tirado-Strayer, who is finishing up a PhD in education. Vlad works at an education technology startup (Schoolzilla, PBC), and at a recent show in Oakland personally handed a copy of his Wesleyan thesis on Parliament Funkadelic to George Clinton.

Christopher Dieck will be starting his PhD in astrophysics at the Catholic University of America while continuing in his job monitoring the wobble of the earth at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. Also, he and his wife, Jacqueline Chapman ’08, will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary this September.

There have also been a number of mini Wesleyan reunions among friends happening across the country: Part of Hew X ’07 enjoyed a great dinner in Boston in April. Mariel Pina and her partner, Eva, were in from New York, along with Jon King to see Danny Silva, Julia Perciasepe, and Tory Masterson. We missed the little Masterson, Miles, but hope to see him and all our ’07 classmates at our 10th Reunion next May!”

In October 2015, Nicholaus Norvell married Adam Renteria in San Diego. Wes friends attending the nuptials included Victoria Santoro, Rob Mitchell ’06, Ellen Werble, and Andrew Bleeker.

We also have another new baby to welcome: Shelby Thurston Marscher and her husband recently welcomed baby girl Inara to their family. Shelby is also working on her thesis for her doctorate in school psychology.

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