It took a celestial bolt, of course it would, to extinguish such an adventurous spirit, and that’s what happened on March 19, 2016, when Jacqui Stavis, a former resident of Rhinelander, died as the result of a lightning strike near New Orleans, La. Attending a weekend blues festival, Jacqui was doing what she loved best, living life to its fullest. She was 28 years old.

Jacqui will be missed beyond measure by her mother, Barbara Sironen, of Rhinelander, her father, George Stavis, of New York, and her life partner, Jake Gold, of New Orleans.

Barbara’s husband, David Picard; her aunt Kay, uncle Frank and cousins Nicole and Leslie Guarascio; her uncle Stuart, aunt Helen and cousin Forest Sironen; her uncle Rob, aunt Helene, and cousins Danny and Jesse Stavis, and Madeleine Klebanoff, nee Stavis; her uncle Ben Stavis, aunt Marjatta Lyyra, and cousins Sam and Kathy Stavis; and Jake’s parents, Steve and Sue Gold, will miss her deeply, as will her family in Provincetown: grandmother Barbara Rushmore, Peter Macara, aunts Katherine and Laura, and cousins Raphael, Justin, Tyler, Eric, and Elise.

Jacqui was loved dearly by close friends, incalculable in number, but especially those who celebrated her life in New Orleans and in Provincetown, Ma., where she was buried and is “growing a tree,” as she had expressly wanted to do.

Jacqui was preceded in death by her siblings, Elizabeth and Eric.