CLASS OF 2000 | 2016 | ISSUE 1

Keefe Murren has a new job as head of FilmAid International, an organization that uses film, journalism and radio to create public information campaigns with refugees around the world.

Matt Lenard was awarded a grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (~$83K) to study the impact of an academic and behavioral support model in the Wake County Public School System.

Tamar Wilner writes, “My husband, Will, and I still live in Dallas and surprisingly even enjoy it! Our little boy just turned 7—but he is a cat, so still no words. I have just started the online journalism master’s at the University of Missouri and I’m really enjoying it. My studies center on the role of online media in people’s health knowledge (and misperceptions). On the side I consult for the American Press Institute and write the odd article.”

Calvin Warner married Sarah Koby on April 25, 2015, in Kent, Ohio!

Matt Freeman and Bethany Caruso ’03 report, “We welcomed our daughter, Hannelore Scout Caruso Freeman, on Dec. 30. We moved into a more child-friendly home in Atlanta just in time and both continue to work at Emory University, exploring ways to improve access to water and sanitation and health in low-income countries.”

Jess Fantz updates: “I’ve been keeping incredibly busy after leaving the agency world to work for myself as a freelance UX/web designer for the last three years. I have been consulting with smaller design agencies who often don’t have an in-house Web design team. In addition to my work for my bigger corporate clients, I most recently led the redesign of the website for the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care, a nonprofit cancer center in Harlem. (My personal site: My wife, Caroline, and I moved this summer from Brooklyn to Glen Ridge, N.J., and are both still commuting to Manhattan for work. Our toddler, Jay Alexander, turned 1 in October. He’s keeping us on our toes!”

Tim Howard writes, “For the past year or so I’ve been working at a podcast called Reply All, out of Brooklyn, and it’s a blast. It’s ostensibly a show about the technology and the Internet, but is actually very far-ranging and irreverent, generally narrative-driven reporting. Anyone with story ideas should get in touch:”

Ray Sanchez was named to City & State NY’s 40 under 40 list in October.

Alok Appadurai is in Tucson, where Fed By Threads, his sweatshop-free organic clothing company, has provided more than 474,592 emergency meals to Americans in need. He is also writing a book, Good Elephant, about his adventures changing the world, while being a proud father to his 4-year-old son, Sequoia.

Lauryn Siegel continues to live in Brooklyn where she works as a creative director and producer of new media, content and multimedia art and video. She recently started a digital design, media and art studio called Dimensions in Bushwick and encourages alumni and friends to come by and hang out. She is excited to come to campus and hang out with her friends who are now professors! She has no babies or marriages, though maybe by the time this gets published that will change…. Never say never! 🙂

Tak Wai Chung and his wife Te-Ling Nai write, “We have moved our family to Singapore from Hong Kong at the end of 2015. Tak Wai has assumed the role of head of Mid Market Southeast Asia for EQT. Our daughter, Chun Yee, loves the sunshine and the green here and is enjoying her new school very much.

Samantha Kennedy writes, “After four-and-a-half years of running Pika Sign Language Interpreting Services, I am branching out on a new entrepreneurial endeavor. In 2015, I launched The Fabulous Babe (, supporting ambitious women (like us Wesleyan grads!) achieve their dreams without being overwhelmed, exhausted or worried so much about what others think of us. This one has been in the cooker for a while, and I’m so excited that it’s now a reality.”

Andrea McKnight says, “I am proud to announce that I was named to the 2015 Massachusetts Super Lawyers Rising Stars, which is the third consecutive year. I continue to work at a small firm in southeastern Mass. If I can help anyone, my e-mail is”

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