CLASS OF 2010 | 2016 | ISSUE 1

Hey, gang! Just a few updates for this edition:

Seth Rosen moved to San Francisco in July and is now working at console game studio, Hangar 13, on its open-world action-adventure game, Mafia III. Seth’s job is to make the game’s setting of 1968 New Orleans feel alive.

In January of 2017, Max Rodriguez will be serving as a law clerk for a fellow Wes alum, the Honorable Denise Jefferson Casper ’90. It’s always good to see Wesleyan paths overlapping in the working world!

Rebecca Lee is taking a short break from medical school to live in Quito, Ecuador, for three months learning Spanish. Becky reports, “The food here is not the greatest. but the weather definitely beats the frigid winter of the Northeast!”

Hallie Coffin-Gould is in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business, where she is pursuing her MBA. Hallie added, “Hooray for going back to school!”

Enjoying a new job in admissions and “weaving dreams for the youth of the world” at Boston’s Bentley University is Jorge Delgago, who has this to report: “Bo Jung ’11 misses late nights in SciLi, but is making do. Matt Tannenbaum graduated from law school (UMich) in December (Go, Blue!) and Mike Cifuentes, Bo, and I surprised him at his graduation.”

Micah Weiss responds to the call for notes with this: “I got engaged to Nomi Teutsch ’11. That’s a cool thing to report, perhaps.” Congratulations. Micah and Nomi! Cool, indeed!

Aaron Freedman submits the following: “Christina Boyd just joined me in the master’s program in somatic psychology in SF, so if you need a therapist for the late 20s existential crisis, give us a call and we’ll help you find your body. I got to perform a durational movement piece called ‘Gender x Technology’ with Nathalie Brillant recently, so keep your eyes on her to be the next Le1f ’11 of the art world. Ari B. King ’09 and Maren Ellingboe have a lovely home in Oakland and we’ve been taking some awesome hikes and mountain bike rides if you’re in the area. Every time I go back to Mecca (Aka Crown/Prospect Heights, Brooklyn) I get to have triple dates with Josh WoodKaitlin Kall ’09, Sarice Greenstein, David Schumeister (’09 honorary), Erica Rome, Scott Sasso (’09 honorary) and it’s amazing. Who’s ready for wedding season?”

Finally, Ram Sivalingam, a VP at Deutsche Bank, is back in the news. From a pool of over 15,000 of America’s best and brightest young people in sports, entrepreneurship, technology, finance, and entertainment, Ram was named one of the “30 under 30” in the finance sector. [See Newmakers.] Congratulations from the Class of 2010!

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