CLASS OF 2006 | 2015 | ISSUE 2

After nine straight years in New York City, Kevin Lohela and his wife moved to Providence, R.I., to open a school. He is the founding principal of Achievement First Iluminar Mayoral Academy, a public charter school. He’s quite happy to live closer to Isaac Hunnewell and Pat Garrity in Boston. Congratulations to Pat, who received his master’s degree in public policy this past spring from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Jesse Young just started working at the special envoy for climate change at the State Department in D.C., which is the office charged with trying to assemble a global agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions at a U.N. summit this December in Paris.
Gianna Sobol is a television writer; she has contributed to A&E’s The Returned and CBS’s Extant. She currently writes for a new Starz series called Counterpart. Definitely check it out!

Emily Frost and Nicholas Gerry-Bullard are loving life on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Nick was promoted to manager in Deloitte’s strategy consulting division. Emily is in her third year as a reporter for the online news site DNAinfo, where she helped to launch a monthly newspaper and a new podcast you all should listen to.

Eric Sullivan is still living in New York City and is an associate editor at GQ Magazine. In Feb. 2015, he and Jeff Sharlet won a National Magazine Award for Reporting for a story called “Inside the Iron Closet” about the crackdown on gay culture in Russia.

Tal Beery recently worked as an associate producer on the film The Yes Men Are Revolting. The movie is about The Yes Men, a group that uses satirical performance art to make political statements. The movie played at the IFC Center in New York City in June and July of 2015.

Jose Marantes is living in Orlando, Fla., and works as the membership development director for the Florida Immigrant Coalition. He is a proud father of two toddlers, Sebastian and Dalia. In his free time, he is working on a social enterprise that brings English and Spanish learners into a dynamic community of practice called Fluente! It’s like Zumba, but for language learners.

Fazal Yameen was living in Ireland in early 2015 and working on CabEasy (a taxi-sharing app for college students) with Jon McKinney ’04. They were selected as one of 10 companies to be part of an accelerator run by SOSVentures and Carma Carpooling that focuses on transportation-related initiatives.

Rebecca Lipman graduated from Harvard Law School in May of 2015. She is clerking for a N.J. federal judge. Daniel Dykes also graduated from Harvard Law School in 2014; he works at the law office of Curtis Mallet-Prevost. He’s also still studying languages, now learning Italian.

Julia Kleinman is in Los Angeles, working at Walt Disney in the consumer products department. She recently finished her master’s degree in business administration at the Columbia Business School.

In Aug. 2015, Mike Dacey completed a PhD in philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology at Washington University in St. Louis in the summer of this year. He is now teaching philosophy at Washington University, so feel free to say hi to him and debate Kant.
Karolina Ogrodnik is in her second year as an intern in pediatrics at Baystate Medical Center, part of Tufts University School of Medicine. She is thinking of specializing in pediatric endocrinology.

Sophie Karp and Evan Katin-Borland are still living in Brooklyn and couldn’t be more delighted. In May 2015, Sophie completed her PhD in counseling psychology from Fordham University.

Congratulations to Nate Baumgart who wed Jessica Maclean in July 2015! Wes alum in attendance include Kevin BudnerRob Weinstock, and Shannon Flaherty. Nate and Jessica are taking a trip around the world starting in December and then moving out of Chicago.

Celia Reddick completed her master’s in international education policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the spring of this year, and will be continuing in the doctoral program. She recently married Alain Uwumugambi, whom she met while working with Partners In Health in Rwanda. Alain is doing his medical residency at Boston Medical Center. Congrats!

Congratulations to Bettina Schlegel, who married Phil Amidon ’05 in Oct. 2014, and are coming up on their one-year anniversary! Many Wes alum were in attendance, too many to list, but all of them important.

Saad Handoo had the pleasure of getting married to his dream lady, Mariam Qureshi, in Washington D.C., in Aug. 2014. He works in the revenue management group at United Airlines. On your next trip in Chicago, go visit him in the Willis Tower or find him aimlessly wandering the streets of Wicker Park.

Joel M. Bhuiyan married Susie Cheung in Nov. of 2014 and they just had their reception in June of 2015. He is working as the community engagement coordinator at NYC Smoke-Free at Public Health Solutions.

In July 2015, Anna Pinkert married Stef Fisher in Cambridge, Mass. Michelle Atwood ’05 was the maid of honor and Rachel Schreiber ’05 was a bridesmaid. The couple live in Jamaica Plain, Mass., with their cat Tenzing.

On June 27, John Wesley married Liza Cantor in Fayetteville, N.Y. They were elated to celebrate their union the day after the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality decision and incorporated the victory into their ceremony. John is a legal aid lawyer in Syracuse and Liza is a fourth-year medical student and aspiring pediatrician. Wes alums in attendance include Willie GouldPaul Max McElfreshCraig ThomasLydia BlanchardDana Taussig and Chloe SafierWill Leuchter-Mindel ’07Ben Levinger ’07 and of course John’s father Jack Wesley ’70. John hopes to revive his band “The Band Cover band Band” (which features Willie, Ari BrandChris CarmodyGreg Donahue ’07Jake Lewis ’07, and Jesse Galdston) at the 10th Reunion!

Emily Dreyfuss is expecting her first child with husband Seth Shipman ’05. Baby Dreyfuss Shipman will be born in Oct. 2015, and the family plans to dress him entirely in hand-me-downs from the ’80s, so if you see a tiny breakdancer crawling around campus next Reunion, say hey. Emily is the news and opinion editor at WIRED Magazine, and she has been trying to resist the urge to publish only op-eds about family-leave rights.

On May 17, Ilana Davis Sharpe and her husband Dan Sharpe welcomed a baby boy named Gabriel. Gabriel joins big sister Lorelei and the family couldn’t be happier.

Nina Eichacker and Johann Patlak are planning to stay in the Boston area for at least two more years while Johann finishes his residency at Beth Israel and starts a fellowship in ICU care. They are also celebrating the birth of a baby girl! Her name is Josephine Patlak Eichacker, and she has been making the social rounds, having met Emily LevyAdina Bricklin, and Emily Jacobs-Palmer already.

Erin Glaser and her husband recently celebrated the first birthday of their daughter Ivy Marian Glaser, who was born July 12, 2014. Erin still coaches volleyball at Hamilton and this past season her team made it to NESCAC playoffs for the first time in program history. Congratulations!