CLASS OF 2005 | 2015 | ISSUE 1

Todd Stone serves as “guest secretary” this time:

Matt Lewis changed jobs and is now working at a law firm in San Francisco. Outside of work, he spends as much time as possible with his beautiful wife, Jessica, and their son, Jack, almost 2.

Sivan Cotel is patiently waiting while the first barrels of aged gin get their beauty rest at Stonecutter Spirits, which he and his wife founded last year. The first bottles will hit New York and Boston shelves in summer/fall of 2015!

Lodro Rinzler is teaching meditation in NYC and celebrating the launch of his fifth book on the topic this fall, How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People). He visited Dave Delcourt in Boston for a raucous weekend in honor of Dave’s wife being pregnant with their second son.

Andrew Stuerzel and Adriana Rojas ’07 are eagerly awaiting the birth of their second child in mid-May, right before Reunion and Commencement Weekend! Andrew has been working at Wesleyan since 2010, first in the Office of Admission for two years before moving over to University Relations. He and Adriana love living in Middletown and enjoy their close proximity to campus and Main Street. Their daughter, Reese (Class of 2034?), enjoys playing on the Labyrinth behind The Tomb, watching the West African dance class perform in the CFA, and sledding down Foss Hill.

After six years based in Kabul, Aimee Rose moved back to D.C., and is now the monitoring and evaluation practice manager for Checchi Consulting. She’s adjusting to the freedom of walking the streets sans headscarf and wondering why there is suddenly so much kale in America.

Amy Nebenhaus Egolf ’07 and Kevin Egolf are having fun learning how to take care of their newborn daughter, Aurora Lux Egolf, born Jan. 23, 2015. Kevin is also keeping busy running and managing Local Farms Fund, a socially responsible farmland investment fund focusing on early stage farmers that he co-founded in late 2014.

Chris Lake moved from Brooklyn to Northern California and is expecting a baby in early March. Also on the West Coast, living in Los Angeles, is Katie Walsh. She is pursuing her PhD at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. She’s also a film critic for The Playlist on Indiewire and the LA Times.

Sarah Weingarten, a staff physical therapist at Rye Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, lives in White Plains, N.Y. She also works part-time at New York Medical College as an adjunct professor teaching cardiopulmonary and orthopedic physical therapy to first-year grad students. Her doctorate work, “Development of Home Educational Materials for Families of Preterm Infants,” is to be published in the next edition of the journal, Neonatal Network. And she’s looking forward to seeing everyone at the 10th Reunion in May!

Corey Gittus, still loving life out in Teton Valley, Idaho, has been enjoying her winter, spending time with her new daughter, Kenna, born on Halloween 2014. Corey has returned to work part-time at the Teton County fire department and is continuing to work on her paramedic license.

Meanwhile, actress Che Landon was named “30 Under 30 Women To Watch” alongside Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood by AfterEllen. She received an Ovation Nomination for her work in The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later, as well as critical acclaim for her performance in the feature film Good Mourning Lucille. She was also interviewed and featured in Backstage Magazine for being the CEO and co-founder of The Creative Artists Lab, an organization and production company which bridges the socio-economic gap between artists and career building resources. She starred opposite Rance Howard and Ivan Sergei in the upcoming feature film, Broken Memories, and is slated to start shooting another feature film, Cosmos, starring opposite comedian Drake Bell.

Adam Stone (whom I, Todd Stone, incidentally knew before Wes) is working in TV in NYC. He and his wife, Rachel, Grandpa Andrew Stone ’68, Grandma Merrill Stone P’05-times-two and I enjoy their very smiley 11-month-old son, Ezra.

Adam and I are still performing “Stone and Stone” (the standup comedy duo we created at Wes!) mostly in the NYC area, and sometimes in LA. Recently, we’ve been really excited about a Web series we hosted for truTV, Grown up, grown down.

As for me personally, some exciting news…I live with my parents! We also live in New York City and I really enjoy spending time with them. But my therapist says I should move out, and I think I will soon. What do you think? Tweet your thoughts to @stoneandstone with #ShouldToddMoveOut? Otherwise, in addition to journalism, I’m expanding to advertising, which I’m excited about, and I’m really looking forward to our 10th Reunion!

Also, I’m filling in temporarily for our trusty class notes editor, Marcella Martinez, who just had her first child. Congratulations, Marcella!

Members of the class of 2005 near and far: Come back to campus for our 10th Reunion. It’s going to be a lot of fun!—Todd Stone, writing for: