CLASS OF 1993 | 2015 | ISSUE 1

Hi Wes ’93ers. Whenever you write, it reminds us of the wonderful experiences we had at Wesleyan. Fortunately, Wesleyan memories didn’t come to an abrupt end in May 1993; we continue to create new ones whenever we revisit the campus, reconnect with a classmate, or attend a Reunion. Thanks so much for sharing your news; we have career updates, trips around the world, and a b’not mitzvah in these notes.

Aaron Barr writes: “Things are actually pretty exciting for me and my wife, Anner, right now. We’re into month three of a year-long round-the-world trip! I’m currently e-mailing from Vilcabamba, Ecuador, after busing today from Saraguro, where we spent a couple of days meeting different indigenous artists. Loved it! If anyone is interested, we’re blogging at and Facebook-ing at nomaprequired. Always glad to hear from fellow Wes- lums!

Paul Foster sends this update: “I am an otolaryngologist (ENT) doctor in Miami. I have two kids, Emily and Alex, 10 and 11. We like mud runs, horseback riding in Colorado, growing multiple varieties of heirloom tomatoes, and the occasional skiing trip, like this last winter, when my daughter proudly joined the ranks of snowboarders and my son developed new records for straight downhill speed, not necessarily a good thing. Although many may remember me as a member of the Wesleyan Spirits, I don’t sing much anymore, except in the operating room.”

Arik Greenberg keeps busy lecturing at Loyola Marymount, serving as the academic dean at Sierra State University, and heading up the Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace, and Justice, an interfaith activism group. He is also renovating his parents’ house in Long Island, writing a book, The Exile, and keeping busy with numerous other projects in academia. Arik saw Dan Kapelovitz and Noel Lawrence at a screening of Dan’s movie, Triple Fisher, in Hollywood this past fall.

Mike Heman e-mails: “I’m living in Boston with my wife, Megan, whom I met at Wes when she transferred for a semester from Wellesley. I’m a professor of biology at MIT and director of the MIT grad program in biology. My research lab works on cancer therapy, and we’re hosting an undergrad from Wes for a research internship this summer.”

Sue Henshon’s novel, Andy Lightfoot and the Time Warp, was published on Amazon Kindle.

Dina Kaplan’s update: “After two years traveling the world (I know, rough life) I just launched a new company called The Path, which teaches ancient meditation techniques but in a modern way, to a very modern audience. Come join us and/or say hi if you’re in NYC or L.A.!”

Jason Moss writes, “Having worked at Kaplan Test Prep since 2007, I recently launched a new business (as part of Kaplan) called Metis (, which accelerates people’s careers in data science. Right now, we do this by teaching intensive 12-week ‘bootcamps’ in New York. Aside from work, I’ve been blogging about billiards movies (, running races like the Tough Mudder, re-reading the whole Harry Potter series to my son, and developing a liking for single malt Scotch.”

Stacy Olitsky moved back to Philly and is an assistant professor of teacher education at Saint Joseph’s University. She also plays banjo in several local bands.

Antonia Townsend writes: “I had a birthday party, where I got to see David Derryck and Erica Terry Derryck. We are in year two of selling sumptuous knickers here at Enclosed ( I’m thrilled to report we can count several classmates as customers! While living in San Francisco we are spending every weekend we can up in Tahoe, so let us know if you are near the lake!”

Sadie Van Buren congratulates Dennis Toner ’95 on his promotion to enterprise sales manager, Cloud, at Microsoft. She and Dennis connected in 2014 through their work at BlueMetal Architects, and in her new role as director of strategic alliances at BlueMetal. She is looking forward to many more years of working with Dennis as a partner.

Jessica Gutow Viner and Dan Viner celebrated the b’not mitzvah of their twin daughters, Gaby and Rebecca, in November. They live in Nashville, where Dan practices ENT, and Jessica works for Vanderbilt in admissions. Son Jacob, 11, is following in Dan’s shoes on the soccer pitch.

John Weathers writes, “I have moved back to Philadelphia and although missing Colorado, I’m adjusting again to life in the big city and being a single dad. In addition to spending time with my two wonderful daughters, Rose (9) and Eden (7), I’m now a senior researcher at the 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education, where I have research and development projects including a large project in Egypt funded by USAID to develop innovative secondary STEM schools. Still playing bluegrass, old-time, and folk music and recently started a project to take people on music and arts adventures to different parts of the world. If you’re interested, you can check out the project at or on Facebook: theculturalbridgeproject.”

Smokey Fontaine writes, “After seven years as CCO of Interactive One, I launched my own digital creative agency this year called a+ (, dedicated to high-end original content, experiences, and strategy. Was proud to work with Paramount Pictures, as one of my first clients, on the film Selma. My beautiful wife, Stephanie Addison-Fontaine, was elected to the Tenafly, N.J., Board Of Education, becoming the first Black woman to ever serve in one of New Jersey’s highest performing school districts.”

Thanks so much for sharing all your news!

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