CLASS OF 1982 | 2015 | ISSUE 1

If last issue’s theme was emptying nests, this time it was finding our bliss and making a bit more time for our graying selves, Class of ’82.

Brian Fahey writes that “after spending my whole life in the Boston area, I’ve moved to Scarborough, Maine, where I’ve always had a second home. With my youngest child off to Brown this fall, we decided to make the move to beautiful Maine. I would love to connect with fellow Wesleyan alums in the Portland area.”

Jim Sullivan, who practices emergency medicine in Massachusetts, wrote: “I will be running in my first Boston Marathon this spring.” He mentions that his son Owen, a high school senior, is looking at Wesleyan.

Sara Lennon, also known as Say White, writes from Portland of big changes now that her children are “basically fluttering from the nest. Any brilliant ideas on how to weather this latest transition?” she asks. “So far my coping strategy is digging in—more work, more gym, more shoveling snow. Anyone out there try something else, like exotic travel, adoption, that first novel, career change, early retirement, spiritual enlightenment? Pray tell if it’s working well.”

Sara’s current distractions include “Homeland, House of Cards, reading, politics, friends, freezing at Sugarloaf, warming up when summer finally arrives around mid-June. Stop by if you find yourself in Portland, I’d advise July or August.”

I got a long, lovely post from Vincent Bonazzoli: “My wife, Paula, and I are getting adjusted to being empty nesters here in Swampscott, Mass. Although we miss the kids, we are actually enjoying ourselves. The house is a heck of a lot cleaner and the refrigerator actually has food in it for more than a day.”

He adds, “I have my own my estate planning and elder law practice in Lynnfield. It’s going quite well and I am coaching and training attorneys in practice development and client maintenance programs. I’m also an instructor at the Boston University certified financial planner program.

His daughter, Danielle, is an artist at Mass College of Art and Design in Boston, after spending a year and a half at St. Andrews in Scotland. Son Matthew is a freshman at Macalester College “in balmy St. Paul, Minn., and is playing football. Very exciting time for all, as Paula and I got to go to almost all of the games,” Vinnie said.

He recently has been in touch with other empty nesters from our class, including Lyndon Tretter, who lives in NYC with his wife Ilyse. “Lyndon has just become a partner at Schlam Stone & Dolan LLP, and is looking to reconnect with Wes alumni in NYC. Also heard from Fran Hack who is living in Northampton, Mass., with her husband, Bob, and has a daughter graduating from Brandeis this year and a son attending NYU.”

Big changes for Virginia Pye, who has a new novel coming out this fall: She’s moving from Richmond, Va., to Cambridge, Mass., as her husband, John Ravenal ’81, is now director of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln “Looking forward to connecting with Wesleyan friends in the Boston area!” she says.

David Shopper writes that he has moved his advertising photography studio to Ipswich, Mass. You can follow his work at

Kevin Meacham sends along his new e-mail address:

The news from Paula Anthony: She just completed her PhD in organizational development and change from the College of Business and Technology at The University of Texas at Tyler.

Sophia Brubaker has been married to her husband, Bill, since 1980. (“Yes, I married in the middle of college when he graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn.”) They’ll celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary this May.

“I Iive in Niantic, Conn., where I direct the Barn for Artistic Youth (a teaching studio for emerging artists of all ages). I designed this community arts program after returning to Rhode Island School of Design in 2001 as an art teacher on sabbatical, and returning to the East Coast from Juneau, Alaska, where I taught middle school art in the public school.” Her website is, she says, adding that watching children “grow up in art” from finger painting to art college and beyond, is immensely rewarding. “It keeps me young!”

Bill and Sophia have raised four kids, and now are on to grandchildren—two little boys, ages 2 and newborn.

“We keep in touch with my best friend from Foss Hill: Mireille Reichgelt Neumann ’82 and husband Chip Neumann ’82, living in Simsbury, Conn.,” she writes.

Nancy Logue writes that she and Julie Abrams Faude were planning to meet in Philadelphia for the “Love Train” event put on by the city’s mural arts program. The guided tour of 50 rooftop murals also celebrates marriage equality in Pennsylvania. “We live 30 minutes outside the same wonderful city in different directions, and enjoy getting together whenever we can,” she says.

What else is there to say except more, more, more! Write early and often!

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