CLASS OF 2008 | 2014 | ISSUE 3

The class of ’08 had a busy year so far! Emily Hauck writes from Paris: “I was lucky to get a Thanksgiving visit from Mark Purser and his girlfriend, Jignasha. I skipped work to spend a day with them exploring Paris and we even managed to whip up a pretty decent Thanksgiving dinner. Otherwise [my boyfriend] Julien and I are looking forward to our annual East Coast extravaganza, which almost always includes a ‘welcome back to America’ meal in a greasy NYC diner with Izaak Orlansky, DC happy hours with Emily Malkin and Maura Scully, Martha’s Vineyard relaxing with Rebecca Feiden and luckily for us this year we’ll even get to see Stephanie Schwartz, who will be back from Burundi just in time for us to have one day together in New York.”

Sage Trombulak and Sam Ruth got married in June, with bridesmaids Katie Poor, Alicia Collen-Zeidan, and Zoe Holder, and groomsmen Mark Kelley and Raffi Stern at their sides. Annalee Pratt, JZ Golden ’09, and “a few other Wes-kids who didn’t get us permission to print their names in Class Notes in time were also there to join us with a spirited dance to Kids while our bemused family and non-Wes friends looked on. We’re also trying to rush through as many other life events as possible, including both finishing our master’s degrees in May, closing on a house in August, and Sage starting a new job. Why we decided to throw a second Tough Mudder into the mix as well is anyone’s guess.”

Leslie Prado is into her second year of a joint master of public health (epidemiology) and physician assistant at George Washington University. She loves what she is learning and is enjoying the DC life. This semester she learned how to do a full physical exam on a patient!

Jessica Sullivan and Adam Tinkle moved from their longtime homestead outside San Diego, having more or less completed graduate school. Now, both are teaching at Skidmore College and are living in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. They’re looking forward to re-connecting with the many friends they missed throughout their West Coast sojourn, and are very happy to the offer their guest room to any upstate vacationers or Adirondack ramblers they may have lost touch with.

Kate Letourneau writes: “My husband, Andy Lubershane ’06, and I are moving to the Portland, Maine, area, where I just got a job as a primary care nurse practitioner. In June we went to the Minnesota wedding of Charlotte Riggs to Mike Wells, and had a great time with Henny Admoni, Meera Dave, Woody Leslie, Izaak Orlansky, Emily Palmer, Liz Wyner, and Lauren Nichols ’07.

Having worked for Ben Silverman at Electus as a manager of development, Amanda Krentzman is now starting a new job as director of development for Gail Berman at her new company The Jackal Group.

Stephanie Pfeiffer moved to Cambridge, England, for her job with the U.S. Defense Department. She is loving her Aga oven and encourages visitors come see her in the Old World.

Mark Leonida writes in from his holiday in Malaysia visiting fellow ’08 grad Cristabel Tan. “We just spent the past two days climbing Mt. Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Malaysia at 13,435 feet. It was our first and probably last time ever doing something like this, as right now we feel more like Wesleyan class of 1908. (Not to be ageist, but, yeah, neither of us can walk like we used to.)”

Andrés Orejuela is back in New York City, where he lives, works, and studies for a PhD in comparative literature with André Aciman (Visiting Distinguished Writer ’09) at CUNY’s Graduate Center, after a summer teaching at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. He worked there with, among other Wessies, LaShawn Springer and Geoffrey Tanner ’04 MALS ’06. Russell House remains, to him, the center of the most beautiful campus in all of New England.

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Intern at the Wesleyan Office of Communications for Spring and Summer 2015. Currently working towards meeting the requirements for an Economics and Government dual major. A Wesleyan Posse Veteran.