CLASS OF 2012 | 2014 | ISSUE 2

I have been fortunate to run into many of you over the past year and always can count on Facebook and Instagram (thanks, Zuckerberg) for even more updates. After connecting with a few folks, I can happily report it is certainly an exciting time! For many of you, your careers are taking off and you are thriving with new responsibilities. Moving up in your respective companies, you are destined to succeed in your positions. Others have taken the time to finally figure out what they want to do (I throw myself into this category). While it may have been a bumpy road, it has been an incredible adventure. I hope you also feel this way.

Continuing on their adventure, Alexa Narzikul and Raghu Appasani will begin medical school this fall. Raghu has been working full-time on The MINDS Foundation both in Boston and in India. Alexa has been doing research and is excited to stay in Philadelphia at Jefferson Medical College.

Cella Jones has moved her adventure back to the East Coast. She has just completed her two years in Mumbai and will be continuing to improve the lives of others by working with an alternative energy company in Troy, N.Y.

Rebecca Snelling left her job in Hartford last November and moved to Boston to continue her work in environmental consulting with a new Boston-based company. She hopes to jumpstart G&T (EES slang for Gin & Tectonics) Nights. Rebecca wants to let all Beantown natives, other EES alums, local rock-lovers, or beer-loving individuals from near or far know that they are cordially welcomed to join in the festivities!

Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria is in DC interning at The American Conservative. She just covered CPAC alongside Mytheos Holt ’10. Marjorie said, “I really love it here; it’s full of great Wes peeps but is also a wonderful way to meet new people.” In June Marjorie is starting a master’s program in international studies at Concordia University in Irvine. After a summer semester, she is hoping to go to Kunming, China, where she’ll be teaching college-level English and working on a thesis. Marjorie sends love to all her Wes classmates!

As for me, I have just completed my second, and final, year in Teach for America. In June I will have completed my master’s and I plan on continuing my adventure in New York, for now.

Wishing all the class of 2012 the very best in all their adventures this year and always.

Daisey Perez |