CLASS OF 1998 | 2014 | ISSUE 2

Happy spring, fellow classmates! I hope this issue finds you nice and warm after a terrible winter. Here’s what’s going on…

Laura Kirk’s baby, Theo Kirk, arrived Aug. 19, 2013, and he is a total love.

For the last two years Ysette Guevara has been working to transition youth from NYC’s foster care system into fulfilling adult lives. She works most closely with a group of aspiring social entrepreneurs, ages 21 and up. You can read about their work at

Marcus Chung married his partner, Ryan Black, on April 4 in a small ceremony in San Francisco with a big party on April 5 to celebrate. It was a bit of a swim team reunion with Neil Seth, Jill Kantrowitz, Abby Posner, Emelie Gunnison, Penny Linge, Meaghan Reilly ’00, Alison Hirsch ’00, Leah Rosenblum ’99, and Lena Sadowitz ’99. Several other Wes friends arrived including Kate Haviland, Rebecca Knight, Meredith Hoffa, Sarah Margon, Sophie Middlebrook, Lisa Winegar and Doug Sabo ’95, and Becky Wildman-Trobriner ’03. Ryan and Marcus are grateful for the opportunity to be legally married in the state of California after nearly six years together.

Please make sure to keep us updated so we can share your news with our classmates. Take care.


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