CLASS OF 1969 | 2014 | ISSUE 2

Walt Odets sends, “Hello and good wishes from San Francisco.”

Jerry Martin is “depressed by the approach of his 50th high school reunion. Will probably retire and join the ultra senior golf tour. Until then, Milton, Melville, and Shakespeare inform my life.”

John Mihalec is back from two weeks in Vietnam. “Saw Bridges of Madison County, a new Jeff Richards’ musical.”

Ed Hayes remembers Brad Rainer “as a wonderful guy, with a ready smile and zest for life, who loved music and was always the first to know the newest great sound. My focus on anti-gun violence activities, particularly the Yellow Tape Project. We hosted the cyclists from Sandy Hook.”

Bill Sketchley writes, “Too many people dying too young. Brad and I were in high school together. Even 75 is young for a man. Have a new wheelchair mini-van and a great massage therapist. Life is looking up. No complaints, plugging along, and glad to be in warm weather with great neighbors.”

Paul Melrose says, “Looking forward to our 50th. Had dinner with Wendy and Fred Coleman in Madison, Wis., which is likely to be our retirement home.”

Steve Broker is “deeply saddened by Brad’s death. Kind, generous, great contributor of time and energy to Wes. Led an exemplary professional and personal life. I looked forward to seeing him at Reunions.”

Tony Mohr writes, “Brad and I worked on the Argus together. A good man. I try lots of cases in Superior Court, am vice chair of the Ethics Committee of CA Judges Association, and teach civil procedure at Southwestern University Law School.”

Rip Hoffman says, “I roomed with Brad second half of freshman year. Met his family one Thanksgiving. Really good guy—we reconnected at the 40th. I’ve retired to Westport and do some church consulting. Saw Fred Coleman at a YMCA conference in Silver Bay, N.Y. We agreed we both look great for our age.”

From John Wilson, “All is well—knock on wood.”

John Bach is “Friend in Residence at Friends Meeting in Cambridge and the Quaker chaplain at Harvard.”

Ron Reisner “attended two Wesleyan basketball games this season. In November I was at the Herb Kenny Tourney with Dick Emerson ’68, Pat Dwyer ’67, and Steve Knox. In November I caught the game at Baruch College. The team, young and energetic, lacked outside shooting, but will be better next season. The ’60s Dekes are supporting Coach Reilly’s excellent basketball program. At the June golf outing, we should have Emerson, Dwyer, Knox, Pat Kelly, Jack Sitarz, Fran Spadola, Bob Woods ’70, Andy Gregor ’70, and Craig Masterson ’70. The spirit of the Wesleyan athletic program is phenomenal; remember the Little Three football title this past fall. The facilities are far advanced over our era, and the university feels alive, thriving, and well worth the visit.”

From Mike Fairchild, “I’m active in photography and video production. Susie is in several dance troupes. Son Scott ’00 helps run the League of Conservation Voters in DC. Daughter Marnie, U–Vermont, is assistant to the deputy director of Amnesty International. I did a two-week trip with Scott to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, and Varanasi. Marnie had spent time there in college. We saw the school she attended and met her host family. I learned a lot about Indian culture and history and will produce an AV of our journey.”

Peter Arenella writes, “After teaching law from 1975–2013, at Rutgers, Penn, BU, and UCLA, I retired. With three daughters in school, I needed more money than law professors are paid. I play the stock market to pay for their educations. My wife is a certified court interpreter who also does medical and psychiatric interpreting. If I ever really retire, I will write a novel based on my wife’s life, how love and family can transcend whatever obstacles and tragedies life offers.”

Doug Bell is “reminded it is a short stay. May we all look back and reflect that we lived as kind, generous, and productive a life as Brad. We continue raising investments for our Grasslands Fund and will acquire a fourth Uruguayan farm this summer. Carolyn is busy with Pilates and presented at the South American Pilates Conference in Buenos Aires. Daughter Jessica is about an hour away as assistant director of student affairs at the 45K student U. of South Florida. I remain close to Curt Allen ’71 and correspond with Harry Nothacker and Steve Smith, a Kauai boy doing forestry there. All blessings, Godspeed.”

Darius Brubeck, Matt Ridley, Wesley Gibbens, and Dave O’Higgins are the Darius Brubeck Quartet, just back from South Africa, now touring England with a show, “Jazzlands.” The concerts include hits from the Dave Brubeck Quartet, which globalized jazz in the 1950s.

Peter Jones says, “For those at Wes during the munchies-enhanced ’60s, O’Rourke’s steamed cheeseburgers were an icon. has a recipe for this ultimate burger.”

Peter Pfeiffer writes, “Time is taking its toll on our class. After 40 years of logging Maine’s woods, I’m publishing a book next fall. Hard Chance: Tree Farming in Troubled Times explains my occupation. Maine Authors Publishing is the publisher. A related video will be on Kickstarter. I’m looking at four feet of snow, sub-zero temperatures. Yikes! Starting to get nervous.”

Jim Adkins still doctors halfdays and plays trombone at night. “Will be at adult band camp during Reunion and later see Bob Kayser and Mike Fink, former roomies. First grandson born, total now three.”

Jeff Richards writes, “Peter Cunningham, Richard Lopatin ’70, former roommate Pete Michaelson ’71, Todd Jick ’71, President Michael Roth ’78, and Teddy Kennedy, Jr. ’83, came to opening of All the Way. Then Blithe Spirit opened in London. April saw The Realistic Joneses in New York. I think I like my work.”

April 1st. Snowing. Had snow on the ground forever. Daughters moved—Annie to Yardley, Pa., Liz to Chapin, S.C. We would like to live closer to them. We’re gathering Deb’s short stories for publication. I’ve cleaned the barn to re-open the art gallery. Our doors are always open to classmates.

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