Class of 1958 | 2014 | Issue 1

We push toward our 60th Reunion. Professor Rosenbaum vows to attend while he celebrates his 103rd birthday.

An e-mail from Dan Woodhead reiterates his offer: a free copy of his book Modac Vengeance. Contact him for a copy at or 415/931-7682. Dan comments on Wes football: “I would expect that there would be complaints from somewhere that football is over-emphasized at Wesleyan. As far as I’m concerned, it is just making up for all the years it was under-emphasized. The next thing we will hear is that the Wesleyan football team is the first to have a female field goal kicker.”

Kay and I hope to see Poog and Bob Hayes the week of Thanksgiving. Bob has moved to a condo in Boston, where he and his wife can enjoy the advantages of that great city. And he has his Maine beach house, usually from June 15 to Sept. 15. He is very fortunate to have all three of his children and their families with year-round vacation homes near his place in East Boothbay.

Kay and I are now year-round residents of Naples, Fla. I discovered Charley Denny and wife Sandy have a winter residence here, which they use to escape Illinois winters. We plan to get together soon.

Toni and John Corkran left for New England on Oct. 21. During their trip they planned to watch the Wesleyan team play Williams at Homecoming.

Rick Francis sent a lengthy e-mail detailing his post-Wesleyan life. He joined the faculty at Williston Academy, where he spent 42 years coaching football, basketball, and teaching math. He and Marilyn live in Brewster but travel a lot—usually in the Caribbean for two or three weeks in the winter. Rick, like Bob Hayes, is fortunate to have his children and grandchildren in the New England area. Kay and I are envious, since we travel long hours to see family in Vancouver or New Hampshire.

All is well with Kay and me. We escape Naples often in the summer to visit friends and family. I really enjoy the leisure of retirement. Many hours of reading, bridge, travel, and golf. Some of you may note that I have reordered the four activities above since my last writing.

Again a plea for notes and e-mails. All the best, your faithful secretary,

Cliff Hordlow
Apt. 103, 4645 Winged foot court
Naples, FL 34112;; 239/732-6821