CLASS OF 2015 | 2021 | ISSUE 1

Winnie Yung recently graduated from Fullstack Academy’s cybersecurity boot camp and is also a current scholarship recipient of the SANS Institute and ICMP’s Diversity Cyber Academy. She would love to connect with any alum working in cyber or infosec. Or if anybody is interested in learning about the field (it’s really cool!), they can feel free to contact her.

     Camille Casareno is finishing up her MPH from Columbia this May and is looking forward to entering the public health field. Though we missed our official 5th year class reunion last year, Gordon Petty and Camille have been keeping close with Eley Rosenthal, Ali Rosenberg, and Brendan Cole through their monthly-ish Zooms. They are hoping to do a beach hangout again this summer, with masks and social distancing of course!

     Grace Nix is acting in a series shooting in the Bay Area, and making videos for an environmental nonprofit that uses hair, fur and fleece donations to make hair mats that naturally clean up oil spills! Check it out, Pro-Tip: Collect your hair from the shower and stick it in a little bathroom hair jar, wait a few months and you’ll save an otter’s life.

     Rebecca Seidel is making podcasts for Marvel in her hometown of Queens, New York, where she may or may not be neighbors with Spider-Man. In her spare time, she’s making more podcasts! She co-produced and sound designed Season 3 of the independent podcast Other Men Need Help, alongside a stellar team (including Ben Goldberg ’17). She’s also working on an audio series about bridges.

CLASS OF 2015 | 2020 | ISSUE 3

After a successful first run of our primordial beings dance tour in the fall, Andrew Hove, Julia Chanin, and Zia Grossman-Vendrillo have had to postpone their second run because of the pandemic. Despite this setback, life has flowed on and they are still in the process of creation! They are all currently living together in a tiny home on Mt. Tam with their pet turtle. They are dedicated to exploring sentience through dance in public again soon. Stay tuned!

Mateusz Burgunder finished his MBA at INSEAD, which felt like a small hub of Wesleyan alumni. He is now continuing his studies in management at MIT Sloan and looks forward to reconnecting with friends in Boston.  

LaDarius Drew got promoted to director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, making him the first Black administrator since The Frederick Gunn School’s founding in 1850, despite its founder being an abolitionist.

Marco Martinez writes: “I’m disappointed that we did not get a chance to celebrate our 5-year together and hope that can happen in the near future. I started a new job at Twitter as a research analyst and it’s been a wild experience onboarding and working remotely for the past six months but I feel that this work has never felt more relevant given the current climate. Currently I’m hunkered down in Los Angeles, which has been home for the past two years; riding my motorcycle and dancing have been my favorite escapes and I recently rode solo up the coast through central California. I hope everyone is holding up the best they can. Drop me a line if you ever want to catch up!

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CLASS OF 2015 | 2020 | ISSUE 2

Katherine Lu has hit all the quarantine milestones, including, but not limited to, panic-buying eggs, making focaccia, baking banana bread, cutting her own hair, celebrating her birthday over HouseParty, buying Animal Crossing, and redecorating the house. In between these activities, she dreams of one day being able to congregate in groups of more than three and make breakfast for her friends.

Eric Lopez and Andrew Kang send warm wishes and positivity to all the frontline workers. They’ll be playing Call of Duty: Warzone and cooking food to make their moms proud for the foreseeable future.

Amy Zhang is a segment producer at Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, gearing up for the quarantine version of their show. She also helped start a fundraiser for NYC Chinatown businesses called “Dumplings Against Hate”—check it out, share, and donate if you can!

Caitlin Bray ’15, MA’16 married James Tracht on April 26 in a quarantine wedding. They had to cancel their original wedding plans so decided to get married and throw a party later. They had a friend from high school take pictures, and another friend as the officiant. They all met up in Caitlin’s parents’ backyard and Zoomed the wedding to their family. It was a great day even if everyone couldn’t be there. They are happy to have each other and look forward to being able to celebrate whenever they can.

Dana Louie and Jonathan Coombs are passing the time in lockdown in Cambridge, Mass., with their two Siberian kittens, Biscuit and Bun. Jonathan is working remotely at Liberty Mutual, and Dana is finishing up her first year at Harvard Business School via Zoom. They are thankful for the grocery store two blocks away that has allowed them to try their luck at cooking creative meals. They cannot wait to simply go to a restaurant again.

Marianna Illgan has been spending quarantine advising Wesleyan undergrads via Cardinal Connections (a really fun way to help out—ask Jim Kubat for info!), and developing an unhealthy obsession with the K-drama, Crash Landing on You (CLOY). She and Xian Hui Ang send each other CLOY memes daily.

I know the Class of 2015 laments the loss of our fifth Reunion weekend, but this gives us more time to plan for next year! If anyone is interested in being part of that planning, reach out to Steph Velarde, Wesleyan liaison, at The Reunion Committee looks forward to when we can celebrate together. For now, make sure to share some throwbacks on Instagram and use #wes2015.

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CLASS OF 2015 | 2020 | ISSUE 1

Ryan Gardner moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco and started working in video games and interactive tech.

Peter Cornillie wrote in to say that he has been working way too much and not drinking nearly enough.

Jessica Seidman recently passed the Connecticut Bar Exam and was sworn in as a licensed attorney. She is now working at an asbestos litigation law firm in New Haven, Conn.

As a passion project, Julia Chanin, Andrew Hove, and Zia Grossman-Vendrillo have formed an experimental dance company inspired by the lives of primordial beings. Their first installation explores themes of sentience and godliness. They can be spotted in urban centers across the upper-middle West Coast over the summer.

Katherine Lu spent the holidays in South Africa and Madagascar with Maurice Lee, where she saw lemurs and whale sharks and realized she much prefers the great indoors. She also started a new role at Taco Bell to redesign its website. She still hasn’t been to a Taco Bell.

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CLASS OF 2015 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

Zaki Iqbal began his medical school journey at Quinnipiac University’s Frank H. Netter School of Medicine along with Joie Akerson ’17 and Derek Groskreutz ’13.

Jasmine Masand moved to North Carolina in August to pursue her master’s at Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy. As a Duke-Margolis Scholar, Jasmine is focusing on health care policy and is exploring exciting new models for value-based care in Medicare.

Emily Garvin is happy to be returning to New England to start a new position teaching and coaching at Loomis Chaffee, just up the road from Wes.

Catherine Chase has moved to Seattle and is starting her PhD program in classics at the University of Washington.

Gabe Frankel married Aliya Yule on Sept. 3 in Chicago. They met in 2013 when Gabe studied abroad at Oxford where Aliya was a student. (Big shout out to year-long study abroad programs!) He’ll be moving to London in early 2020 and looking forward to connecting with Wes alumni there; reach out at

Gordon Petty and Camille Casareno are engaged! He proposed in June, about seven years after they met at Wesleyan. And though they are Cardinals through and through, they are both pursuing post-grad studies at Columbia University. Gordon is entering the third year of his neuroscience PhD and Camille will be starting her MPH this fall.

After more than three years in San Francisco, Hannah Jenkins finally escaped the marine layer, moving across the bridge to Oakland, Calif. She co-founded a holistic healing and wellness center with some other badass women and feels alive and in her purpose more often than not. If you are in the Bay Area, check out The Heartbeat Collective!

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Newsmaker: Aletta Brady ’15

Aletta Brady ’15 of Our Climate Voices was awarded the J.M.K. Innovation Prize, which recognizes organizations tackling America’s most pressing challenges through social innovation. In a press release, Brady, the founder and executive director of this climate justice organization, explained, “We employ the power of ethical, digital storytelling to humanize the climate disaster.” Erik Snyder, CEO of the Drawdown Fund, noted, “It has the potential to link a future existential threat—climate change—to a personal level and impact.” Each awardee receives up to $175,000 over three years and participates in a supportive learning collaborative of fellow change agents. At Wesleyan, Brady majored in government.

CLASS OF 2015 | 2019 | ISSUE 2

On May 28 John Pacheco and Tawni Stoop got married . . . and they’re both knee-deep in grad programs. John finished his first year of medical school at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and Tawni finished her second year of her child clinical psychology PhD program at Penn State University.

Ting Zhang moved from New York to Hong Kong as part of a global rotational program at Citigroup. Since moving, she has had the opportunity to reconnect with a few Wes friends whom she has not seen since graduation including Maurice Lee, Xian Hui Ang, and Suet Ning Wong ’16. If anyone is in Hong Kong, please reach out to

Olivia Mason is graduating from Stanford University with a master’s in East Asian studies this summer. Before moving, she’s excited to spend some time visiting her family, friends, and dog on the East Coast.

Katherine Lu has discovered the world of design, and is now a UX/UI designer in southern California. She returned to the States after a dreamy and inspiring month-and-a-half in Shanghai. She was delighted to be able to see Maurice Lee during her trip abroad.

Kate Gilpin completed her post-baccalaureate through the Harvard Extension Premedical Program this May. She wrapped up four years at Mass General (where Remy Johnson ’16 kept her sane). Her Wes group chat is still fully active.

Miranda Katz is excited to be starting at NYU Law in the fall, further reducing her odds of ever leaving New York. She lives in Brooklyn with Ariane Turley and Eliza Loomis.

Nina Feng has just finished her master’s study last week at Duke University in digital art history and will be joining Poly Auction Hong Kong.

Elaine Maskus has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a dog mom. She and Ernie are living happily in Denver where they look forward to a lifetime of fetch and belly rubs.

Brent Packer, Amelia Mettler, and Sara Warnock are doing yoga and learning to kitesurf in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Nita Mukand was awarded the first Pfizer fellowship through the University of Illinois Cancer Center for her work on the incidence of second primary gynecologic malignancies in Asian women who have experienced ovarian cancer. The $25,000 fellowship will support her further development as a cancer researcher.

Marissa Castrigno is pursuing an MFA in creative writing at University of North Carolina Wilmington. After four years, she’s leaving Brooklyn, where she’s been living with Sarah Hirschey and a number of thriving house plants.

Jessica Seidman received her JD degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law. She looks forward to starting her legal career at a law firm in New Haven, Conn.

Mateusz Burgunder is working at Accenture until July, after which he will start his MBA at INSEAD.

Jill Tan is working at a death literacy foundation housed under a funeral company in Singapore, where she is creating a card game to foster intimate conversations about life, death, and the beyond. Michael Leung, Gavin Swee ’13, and Aditi Shivaramakrishnan ’12 have been user testers in its development phase. Jill will be heading back to Connecticut to start her PhD in anthropology at Yale, where she will be working on a project about the public consciousness of death in Singapore. She is excited to reunite with David Mai and many of her Wesleyan professors, especially Alice Hadler and Justine Quijada.

Kimora Brock is working as a yoga teacher and health and wellness coach and celebrating her first year at Equinox. Graduating in December with an MBA, Kimora looks forward to merging her passions for entrepreneurship and wellness, along with bicoastal living between D.C. and LA. She had an awesome time with Crystal Rogers ’16 and Paulie Lowther ’13 at Mardi Gras this year, and can’t wait to spend quality time with Mike Conrad ’13, Shane Bernard ’14, and Haley Keyko ’16 this summer! Follow her adventures on Instagram: @kimorabee @malibutrailmix and @bbgrlwellness.

Miranda Orbach is a third grade head teacher at The Chapin School in NYC. She graduated from Columbia University with a master’s in narrative medicine. In April, she got engaged to Sara Ben-Ezra ’16. In her free time, she loves to travel, eat delicious food, and arrange charcuterie boards.

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CLASS OF 2015 | 2019 | ISSUE 1

Peter George has been living in Sydney, Australia, for the past two years and can confirm people do not ride kangaroos to work.

Jimmy Nguyen and Marianna Ilagan moved back to San Francisco last August. They are happy to have finally escaped the snow. Marianna regularly grabs lunch with Marie Valdez and coffee with Erik Islo.

Last summer, Scarlett Perry made a career switch and attended Flatiron School’s software engineering immersive program. She will be starting her first role as a software engineer at an NYC AdTech company in January. She looks forward to connecting with other Wes grads in the field!

Sarah Gerton’s second young adult novel under the pen name Sara Holland, Evermore (the sequel to last year’s Everless), was released on Dec. 31 and appeared at number eight on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Andrew Hove has been in Los Angeles working in music as an artist manager and with a music/tech company. On his down time, he’s either seeing local music or helping Brett Keating get a date with Demi Lovato.

Eva Frieden is enjoying life in San Francisco where she works at Airbnb and trains for triathlons in her spare time; outside of that she keeps busy either getting together with local Wes alumni or convincing far away Wes friends to come visit!

Jon Coombs and Dana Louie live together in Boston. They plan to move across the Charles River to Cambridge when Dana starts at Harvard Business School later this year.

John Pacheco and Tawni Stoop will be getting married this May! She’s on her second year of a clinical psychology PhD program at Penn State University in State College, Pa., and he’s in his first year of medical school at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton, Pa. They’re working hard, living apart when they have to, and still missing their classmates and fun times at Wes every day.

Rebecca Wyzan lives in Brooklyn. She works in talent management at Untitled Entertainment, which represents actors, writers, musicians, artists, and directors. She also produces film and VR projects on the side.

Ming Zhu has been working at San Mateo, Calif.-based Crop One Holdings, Inc.—one of the world’s largest vertical farming companies in the world—and will be moving to Dubai. He’ll be there representing his U.S. parent company as their regional development manager, working with Emirates Airlines with whom they are building the world’s largest vertical farm. Ming would love to connect with any alumni there. If anyone knows any interesting endeavors (both companies and investors) in areas such as sustainability, indoor farming, vertical farming, digital agriculture, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data and sensor application in food/ag, please let him know and he’d love to learn more about them and explore together.

Scattered all over the world since graduation, the 146 Cross Street crew, Adin Vaewsorn, Dylan Awalt-Conley, Matt Burgunder, Dat Tien Vu, Erin Chase, Pierre Gerard ’16, and Michael Leung managed to navigate through time zone differences and reunited over video during Christmas.

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CLASS OF 2015 | 2018 | ISSUE 3

Brett Keating is in L.A. writing for The Infatuation, which reviews restaurants. He often brings Andrew Hove and Sara Guernsey out to eat with him for an unreliable second or third opinion.

After teaching in the Boston area for three years, Paulina Jones-Torregrosa moved to Chicago to start her PhD in English at Northwestern University. She’d love to see any Wesfolk in the area!

Peter Cornillie was planning a beer dinner with a Detroit restaurant for late October.

Silvia Diaz-Roa has moved back to Connecticut. She just started her master’s in biostatistics at Yale.

Emmett McConnell is finishing up his graduate degree at Medill with a residency at the Johannesburg Citizen covering soccer.

Jaxie Friedman is a zero-waste coordinator for the NYC Department of Education’s Office of Sustainability, implementing recycling/composting programs and working on diverse sustainability initiatives in over 1,800 NYC public schools. Outside of work, she is getting crafty with waste and transforming “trash” into treasures, edible and otherwise.

Steven Susaña-Castillo has started his MPH at Yale in epidemiology of microbial diseases.

LaDarius Drew became the director of student activities at the Gunnery. He has been working on getting the students to involve themselves more outside of campus and in the community.

Earl Lin is still living in Washington, D.C.—though now living in the District proper, as opposed to Arlington, Va., and is still living with Josh Atchley. In June, Earl started working as a paralegal with the Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center, a nonprofit civil rights litigation and advocacy law firm that works mainly on issues of criminal justice reform, including police misconduct, prisoner rights, wrongful convictions, and the death penalty. Specifically, as a member of the MacArthur Justice Center’s Appellate Project, Earl gets to work on litigation before higher courts around the country, up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court. In his free time, he’s been trying to take advantage of all D.C. has to offer, including regularly hanging out with fellow Wes alumni in the area and trying to find opportunities to get back into sailing.

Lina Mamut is a product owner at Ahold Delhaize designing tech for brands like Stop and Shop, Hannaford, and Giant.

The weekend of Sept. 14, Kaito Abe played poker with Miranda Linsky ’14, Yohei Okada ’16, and Dan de Rienzo ’11 over locally-produced sake in Kyoto.

Next time let’s go camping!

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