GEORGE W. DAVISON-ACKLEY, 61, who had been a vice president of Lehman Management Company, died Sept. 30, 2007. A member of Psi Upsilon, he received his law degree as well as a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia University. He was the grandnephew of George W. Davison of the class of 1892 and the grandson of Emory H. Westlake of the class of 1900. He is survived by his partner, John Robert Massie; his father; two brothers, including Emory W. Ackley ’65; and his niece, Annie W. Ackley ’98.


WILLIAM T. BROMAGE, whose 40-year career in banking began at Hartford National Bank and culminated as President and Chief Operating Officer at Webster Bank, died Sept. 14, 2009. He was 63. A member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, he served in community leadership roles, particularly with Junior Achievement and Connecticut Public Broadcasting. Among those who survive are his wife, Kathleen Leary Bromage, three sons, four grandchildren, and a large extended family, including cousins Edward S. Bromage ’59 and Sally Van Dusen Bromage Suhr ’84. Other cousins include the late Arthur W. Bromage of the class of 1925, and the late Willard G. Bromage of the class of 1935.