CLASS OF 1954 | 2019 | ISSUE 1

Gentlemen: Thanks for prompt responses from six of us regarding your latest news . . . So here goes: Carl Bufka, while fully retired from his investment business, is still active in taking care of family investment needs. Carl moved full-time to Naples, Fla., two years ago. Health good; flies around the country quite a bit in own plane, but with a professional at the controls these days. Carl’s children are scattered across the country; he’s still surprised when grandkids call him “Grandpa.” Only thing that bothers Carl is the occasional hurricane or Category 4 storm that goes by or through Naples. Carl says he will make it to our 65th!

Shep Johnson officiated at the wedding of their third grandson and will soon baptize their first great-granddaughter. Shep concludes: “All is well.”

Dick Matthews is still working at something he enjoys: being an entrepreneur. Dick and Bjorg traveled last year to Iceland, England, and Tenerife. And they very much enjoy being great-grandparents.

Bud Johnson and bride Lynn are back in Florida enjoying the warmer weather. In early June they are joining friends on an Alaskan cruise. Glacier Bay is their key destination—an iconic destination, says Bud—one they want to see before it melts away.

Len Stolba says that Bud’s Navy pilot memoirs reminded him of “we few draft dodgers,” who entered naval aviation and got to land on an aircraft carrier. Len was a Reserve Marine helicopter pilot for 30 years, plus an architect for 50 years—all thanks to the G.I. Bill. It was all made possible by a Wes townie scholarship, and loans leading to an arts major. (Len says he could get A’s only from the art department.)

Norm Stuessy gets around with a walker these days, following a fall and fracture of two vertebrae. Otherwise he and Ruth are doing OK—except for the loss of oldest son Kevin, who died suddenly earlier this year. Norm says he and Ruth have yet to get over it. Their four other kids are doing well, along with their nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Sadly, also, Norm tells me that he and Ruth will not be able to make our 65th in May.

Meanwhile, your scribe, Bob Carey, remains happy in Greenwich with Libby, his bride of 18-plus years. Bob is still a volunteer driver for Call-A-Ride as well as Meals-on-Wheels.

Reunion weekend is Memorial Day weekend in May 23–26, 2019. What a special time, guys, to return to Wes for our 65th!

All the best to all of us!

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CLASS OF 1954 | 2018 | ISSUE 3

Gentlemen of ’54: Thanks for prompt responses from eight stalwarts as we approach our 65th next year . . . Here’s what you told me: John Binswanger is doing OK, plus a lot of traveling—recently to Australia, the Bahamas, and Aspen. John’s company has been reorganized with a minority interest going to the sales staff. John’s been retired for nine years, but still goes into the office four days a week.

Bud Johnson and Lynn have three grandkids out of college, four still in, and one being teed up. Bud’s Navy pilot memoirs (unclassified version) were published in June. Their “reward” was a Baltic cruise to seven countries, then London.

Rod O’Connor writes that at 85 he’s finally stopped actively working and has given up his longstanding passion for golf—so as to be able to spend more time at their house in Aiken, S.C. Rod’s two daughters and four grandchildren are planning a major Thanksgiving fiesta there with 20 relatives from around the country.

Chuck Davis proudly reports that his granddaughter, Caroline, was a member of the U.S. Women’s World Junior Ultimate Frisbee Team that was undefeated in the championship games played in Waterloo, Ontario, in August. Caroline attends Dartmouth.

Ken Davenny has recently been through the flu, two types of pneumonia, and heart failure! His heart has been repaired, and Ken is now undergoing a lengthy rehab process, and, he writes, “I seem to be recovering well.” Go, Ken!

Jeff Lockhart’s two youngest granddaughters are at college in the Carolinas—one at Chapel Hill, the other at the College of Charleston. Both had mini vacations during Hurricane Florence.

Jules Schwaber and Evelyne, at this writing, are staying in Israel, in an apartment near two of their married sons and eight of their 10 grandchildren. Jules, who has been retired from medical practice since 2012, sends his best wishes to all his former classmates and their loved ones.

Lenny Stolba is still wandering around his refuge: 1.6 acres with seven structures, two horses, one pony, one dog, and a box turtle. His kids, grandkids, and one great-grandchild are all healthy. Len send cheers to all “WESU remainers.”

Finally, very sorry to report the passing of Bob Schnuer this summer.

Your scribe, Bob Carey, has been busy in Greenwich with volunteer work, which includes driving for Call-A-Ride as well as Meals-on-Wheels, and manning the phones at Community Answers. That’s it, guys. The 65th is practically upon us. Get ready!

Best to all,

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CLASS OF 1954 | 2018 | ISSUE 2

Gentlemen of the Class of 1954, thanks for prompt responses from seven of you. And so, here’s the latest:

Bill Drury, who resides in Nashua, N.H., was off to his beloved Eagle Camp on Lake Champlain for two weeks, taking a lovely lady with him! Per Bill: “Anything can happen!”

Lynn and Bud Johnson returned from graduations of three of their eight grandkids: Georgetown, Wake Forest, and Brunswick School in Greenwich. Bud reports that the commencement speakers advised the graduates that they’ll be 30 or so before they’ll be on a real career path, and they should remain open-minded, and should speak up and be heard and try to build strong relationships.

Nancy and Shep Johnson are “nursing various ills of the flesh.”

Jeff Lockhart and bride were back on Nantucket for the spring and summer after first visiting their 9-month-old great-granddaughter.

Curt McLaughlin just published, with son Craig McLaughlin ’79, the third edition of Health Policy Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Approach.

In June, Rod O’Connor was a spectator at his fourth U.S. Open tournament at Shinnecock Hills since joining the club 50 years ago. Rod greatly enjoys his four grandchildren (all more than 20 years old), their views on life, and their personal ambitions. Finally, Rod is shifting his interests to his historic house in Aiken, S.C., recently named “Best Small Town in the South.”

Vickie and Bob Schnuer traveled back to Long Island, N.Y., in late May. Bob welcomes any classmates traveling in the area to call 917/862-5141 for a BBQ.

Finally, your scribe, Bob Carey, and Libby traveled to Asheville N.C., in April to visit a granddaughter at UNC Asheville, then to Columbia, Mo., for Libby’s 60th reunion at Columbia College, where she completed two years before matriculating to the University of Missouri in Columbia. In late May, early June to London, then Portugal’s Algarve area (beach coastline facing North Africa), staying at Pine Cliffs Resort, and finally to Lisbon (Lapa Palace Hotel). In early August we are off to San Diego to visit our two youngest grandkids.

That’s a wrap, gentlemen, and muchas gracias for your news. On a sad closing note, we’ve recently lost two of our classmates: Art Spada and Myron Poliner. Next year: Our 65th Reunion! All the best to all of you.

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CLASS OF 1954 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

Hello, Class of 1954. Here’s a recap of your responses to my recent email.

Bill Drury reports he’s getting older and more mellow each day in Nashua, N.H., where he’s still into “genealogy, railroads, and opera.”

Terry Hatter is still on the bench as a federal district judge, but manages to keep his eyes on his four grands, as follows: Eric, the oldest, will graduate from Georgetown Law School in May, while his sister, Lauren, finishes her first year at Penn Law. Their cousins, Leah and Wilson, the younger grands, are still in college. Meantime, Terry is recovering from a fractured kneecap after a fall when leaving a USC-UCLA football game he attended with youngest son Scott ’92. Heal well, Terry.

Dave Hodgin reports working a full schedule plus serving on nine boards (officer on four). Dave spent a month this past summer in Salamanca, Spain, working on his Spanish. He’s thinking about Ireland in 2018. Says, “Life is busy and good.”

Bud Johnson reports three grands in the workforce, plus five in college (Georgetown, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Chicago, and Colgate). Special news from Bud: “My heavily classified post-Korea memoirs are on the press, carrying selected Navy patrol boat moments across the shores of both Chinas, all Philippines, north to Okinawa and Osaka, Japan…and early ’58 Kwajalein/Eniwetok-AEC special duty. Five years in the making.” Good job, Bud.

Rod O’Connor says he’s somewhat retired and living in NYC and Aiken, S.C., as well as Southampton, Long Island. Rod reports that “golf is disappearing in the rearview mirror,” so he needs new outlets. Rod’s oldest grandchild graduated from Wesleyan a year ago, with accolades, and is working in a Chicago children’s hospital doing research. His second oldest, Morgan, is in NYC and has moved from modeling to music production. He writes, sings, and plays instruments with a growing number of fans. Rod’s last two grands (fraternal twins) are in college: Alex at Rollins in Florida, and Max at the New School in NYC, working part-time in designing.

Bob Schnuer (only 85 in March 2018) and Vickie are still commuting between Florida and New York, and doing “reasonably well”—as are their kids and grandkids. They eagerly await the imminent arrival of their first great-grandbaby.

Finally, your scribe, Bob Carey, and bride Libby, sojourned to Sanibel Island, Fla., for six weeks in February and March. Of their 12 grands, four are happily employed, five are in college (Indiana State, Georgetown, UNC-Asheville, UNC-Wilmington, and UVA), two are in high school, and the youngest, Judy, is in middle school.

That does it, guys. Thanks very much for your news. All the best to all of us as we prepare for our 65th next year.

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James B. Shuman ’54

James B. Shuman, a writer, died on Aug. 31, 2017 at age 85. At Wesleyan, he was the editor-in-chief of the Argusand a member of Psi Upsilon. He was an award-winning newspaper reporter and an editor for Reader’s Digest. He later worked as an aide to President Gerald Ford. He was the author of several books. His latest book was a memoir, In Pakistan: Journeys in the Land Beyond the Headlines, where he shared his personal observations of the people he met and the country’s history and politics.

CLASS OF 1954 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

Greetings to the Fighting ’54s. Thanks for your prompt responses to my recent e-mail regarding news of you and yours. Here’s the latest.

Chuck Davis and bride recently went whale-hunting on a cruise to the San Juan Islands. Cruise was a blast, Chuck reports, but only one whale sighted. They have a grandson at Swarthmore and granddaughter at Denison.

Bud Johnson reports their Stuart, Fla., home came through Irma with only minor damage. Five of eight grandkids are in college (none Wes). Bud and Lynn were off to Malta, Rhodes, and Crete in late October to finish Bud’s research on the Knights of Saint John. Finally, the Navy has invited Bud to D.C. to open classified aviator records for his memoirs project.

Jeff Lockhart and Donna learned in late July that they had become great-grandparents of a baby girl.

Curt McLaughlin writes that his wife of 32 years, Barbara, passed away in June after a brief illness. Curt says he’s fortunate to be among many friends in a caring retirement community in Chapel Hill, where he is continuing with his latest writing project.

Jim Yashar says he’s blessed to be healthy, and therefore lives a very active life, going to the gym three to four times a week, and playing golf. They do a lot of travel, including Italy this past summer. Jim is taking his entire family of 24 on a vacation to celebrate his 85th birthday! Jim and his bride live in Boston during the summer and Palm Beach over the fall and winter. Finally, Jim’s oldest granddaughter graduates from Penn next year.

Sad news, guys: Al Flynn passed away on Aug. 30 from complications related to Parkinson’s. Al is survived by his wife, Emi, son Al Flynn III, daughter Sarah, and five grandchildren. We all remember Al as a terrific guy and good friend. Farewell, Al.

Finally, your scribe, Bob Carey, enjoyed an East Coast 85th birthday bash in Greenwich, Conn., in July. Then Bob and bride Libby traveled to Wilmington and Ocean Island, N.C. in September (visiting a nephew at UNC Wilmington). In late September/early October, Bob and Libby traveled to London and Lyon for visits to children and grandchildren. Finally, in late October to Charlottesville, Va., to visit granddaughter at the University of Virginia to celebrate her 19th birthday.

That’s a wrap, guys. E-mail me anytime with new developments in your lives. All the best to all of us.

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CLASS OF 1954 | 2017 | ISSUE 2

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Hello, ’54 Classmates. Many thanks for prompt responses from eight of you…Here’s what you told me: Terry Hatter denies being 85 (yet!). He and bride Trudy are recently back from a wonderful European trip, having visited their son, Scott ’92, and “putative daughter-in-law” in Positano, Italy, followed by Belfast to visit oldest granddaughter, who is getting a master’s in conflict resolution there before starting Penn Law School in August. The Hatters wrapped up their trip with a visit to Edinburgh, prior to heading home.

Terry said they attended a very special memorial service for our beloved classmate, Bill Christopher, in Pasadena. “Many of Bill’s cast and crew from M.A.S.H. came from across the country to show their love and respect for this fine man.”

Bud Johnson and Lynn are well into high school and college graduations. This year it was two high-schoolers, the gal off to Colgate, the boy to Notre Dame. Next year: Wake Forest and Georgetown.

Jeff Lockhart and Donna are blessed to have one daughter and son-in-law—the Reverend and Mrs. Jon Robbins—living near them in Vero Beach, Fla., where Pastor Robbins is building St. Paul’s, a new Anglican church, a block from the beach! It will be finished in September, and we’re all invited to the dedication ceremony!

Sad news, guys. Carol Ann writes that Dick McCray “left this world on Feb. 24, 2017, with me by his side in our home in Massachusetts.” Dick was buried on Apr. 28 (their 27th wedding anniversary, and Dick’s high school football number) in Chester, Pa., his birthplace. There was a memorial service for Dick at St. Luke’s Hospital in NYC in late May. He had spent 40 years practicing and teaching there.

Bob Schnuer and Vickie migrated back to NYC on May 10 after a “wonderful Florida winter in Boca Raton,” which included a private Wesleyan gathering at a Miami art museum managed by a “spirited” graduate, including a breakfast with President Michael Roth ’78. Bob and Vickie will be back in Boca in late October. Don’t hesitate to call if you’re in the area (917/862-5141).

Lenny Stolba married off his equine veterinarian daughter in March. Len’s “boast/roast/toast” was well received.

Ann reports she and hubby Bruce Storms are well and happy, having especially enjoyed their swan-song-cruise last December—a “wonderful part” of their lives. The Storms’ daughter, Katy Storms Denman ’89, has three teenage sons, one an Eagle Scout. Bruce and Ann recently saw Win Richmond, who is looking forward to summer in his Rhode Island home.

Dr. Jim Yashar and bride have spent the winter in Palm Beach over the past 10 years. Jim is in good health and thus is able to take advantage of much Palm Beach offers. They traveled to Morocco this year to experience a totally different culture. Their grandson is off to Emory College in the fall, and granddaughter will be a senior at Penn. The Yashars will be spending the summer in Boston, except for a trip to Italy in July.

Finally, your scribe, Bob Carey, and bride Libby (Callaway) again enjoyed Sanibel Island, Fla., in January and February, then traveled to Jonesboro, Ark., in mid-May for a granddaughter’s high school graduation (off to University of North Carolina at Asheville), then to Charleston in early June for a Callaway family reunion, and finally to San Diego in mid-June for two grandkids’ graduations and an 85th birthday bash for Bob.

That’s it, guys. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me any time with developments. My new e-mail is All the best to all of you.

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