Greetings, Class of 1949 (and earlier years too)!

I’ve conditionally agreed to be the new Class Secretary for our class, as long as you have some news to share. You can call me or write to me—two or three sentences about what you’re doing would be great.

A little about myself: After Wesleyan, I raised a family and spent 10 years as a professional Boy Scout executive and World Book Encyclopedia manager, and 23 years selling high school textbooks in Connecticut. In the latter half of my life, I was an advocate for LGBTQ+ issues, especially as it related to the Boy Scouts of America and to creating open and affirming church relationships within the United Church of Christ. There was an article recently written about me that talks about this:

Any Wesleyan alumni from this era who would like to talk with me about anything (other than politics), feel free to contact me by phone or email (see below). I have lived a very interesting, fulfilling, and unusual life since retirement.

Thank you,