Maurice S. Newberg ’43

Maurice S. Newberg, 97, a sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry, died Sept. 12, 2017. Born in Middletown, he had a long history of participation in the community and in Wesleyan alumni activities. He founded the library of Judaica at Congregation Adath Israel in Middletown, and was a founding member of several groups there. Predecased by his wife, Beverly Ellsworth Cotteral Newberg, he is survived by many nieces and nephews, as well as a large extended family.

CLASS OF 1943 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Again, I regret having to announce three more losses to our Class of ’43 since my last report. Cyrus Quinn, a fellow soccer player and longtime class agent, who was a member of Alpha Delta Phi, died June 29, 2014. Robert Ackart, a Psi U brother, died Dec. 14, 2014; and Rollin Polk, an Episcopal priest, who was a member of Delta Upsilon, died March 16, 2015. These classmates will be greatly missed and our hearts go out to their families.

Here in Virginia we enjoyed some balmy weather this fall. I hope the same was true where you are. I continue to be involved in my bout with cancer. I have already had two operations, and they have just discovered another cancerous tumor. So here I go again!

Fred Mellor writes: “Appreciated your notes. At 95 years, we’re both in our later 50 years of living, making us prone to injury. I fell and hurt my left leg, so I walk with the help of a cane now. We still belong to Portage Country Club, but only for eating out and playing bridge. I gave up playing golf at 92, the year I shot 59 at a challenge round. Our second son moved here (Akron), so we see him a lot at his own apartment or at our house. Our daughter is close by in Cleveland and our oldest son lives in Sweden with our 19-year-old granddaughter. I do not know of any classmates, or how ole’ Wes has grown over the years, but I do enjoy Wesleyan magazine. All that I can remember of sports and Beta Theta Pi fraternity is most favorable. Well, Fred, you do a great job of reporting on our class.”

From Dick Ferguson: “Always so good to hear from you. Don’t have much news for you, but I always think of you when I go past your Wildweed House. Those were the good old days!”

Frederick P. Appleton
100 O’Brien Court, Suffolk, VA 23434

CLASS OF 1943 | 2015 | ISSUE 2

I’m sorry to have to report two more losses. George McFarland died Jan. 5, 2015, and Art Snyder died Nov. 11, 2014. Art was a member of Psi U and a fellow soccer player. They will be sorely missed, and our hearts go out to their families.

Hope you are surviving the weather all right. A little too hot for me, coming from New Jersey! On my follow-up visit to the surgeon, they found some more cancer, so I’ll have to go back for another operation—maybe this time they will get it right!

From Jack Ritchie: “You do good work. I recently got to the campus (in May). I went to hear the president do an update on the state of the college, at lunch in the ’92 Theater for old folks. I was the only ’43 graduate, and the oldest there. The lunch was free.”

I received a nice letter from Fred Mellor, in which he writes, “It’s been years since I reported in to you or your predecessor. You deserve a deal of credit for your effort on behalf of the class of ’43. My wife and I are still in our same home since 1954—in good health, except I fell down a set of stairs and injured my left leg—so that I now walk slowly with a cane. It forced me to give up golf at our country club—now we play bridge there instead—men with men, women with women. I still can drive the car easily, but no sports. Ben Buffham ’41 is the only Wesleyan and Beta Theta Pi fraternity brother I have left to communicate with anymore. It has been years since the last visit to Wesleyan. Well, Fred—keep up the good reporting—I enjoy your effort.”

Dick Ferguson writes, “Always so good to hear from you, and the Wesleyan news. There are not any ’43 guys here at Cranes Mill. There is Bob Foster ’45, who was two classes behind us. He, also, likes news! Both of us send our best to Bobbie.”

Gene Loveland reports: “All is well. Tried to win back the cup in the spring putting championship, but bowed to my nemesis who had five aces to my four. A great match, and another crack at it in October. Also, news for the fall! Labor Day weekend I will marry an old friend of ours from Hartford and resident of the Hallmark. A beautiful 93-year-old who went to Wes house parties in our era, with a Deke whose name she can’t recall. [Congratulations, Gene!] Five days later, on Patriot’s Day, I will be 95. Should be a good year. Onward and upward into the 21st century!”


ARTHUR L. SNYDER, a retired businessman, died Nov. 11, 2014, at age 93. A member of Psi Upsilon, he served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. He was in the industrial equipment business. Among those who survive are his wife of 71 years, Ellen Tuttle Snyder, four children, eight grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.


GEORGE F. MCFARLAND, 93, who retired as Craig Professor of English at St. Lawrence University, died Jan. 5, 2015. He received his degree in 1946 after serving in the U.S. Army during World War II. He later received a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. His scholarly interests centered on the poetry and thought of the late Romantic and early Victorian periods in England. He is survived by his wife, Janet Allen McFarland, three children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

CLASS OF 1943 | 2015 | ISSUE 1

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and I’m wondering what more the media can cook up against Bill Belichick ’75, Tom Brady and the New England football team—Go Patriots! I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and were not adversely affected by the extreme weather experienced in various parts of the country, including New England. We’ve been fortunate here in Virginia—have yet to see our “Big Snow” of the year!

Dick Ferguson writes: “We’re glad that you had a great recovery. Can’t keep a good man down. Marge still seems not quite fully recovered. Some days it seems she is sleeping 23 hours a day. We were so glad to see your write-up. We are lucky to have the children and grandchildren able to drop in to see us on their way to visit their children or grandchildren. Wish that I’d see more of Wesleyan men.”

From Gene Loveland: “The news from the Deep South is: Where did the warm weather go? I’m fine and still doing my monthly column for the House Organ plus write-ups of our four putting tournaments that I manage. In the fall events, I won the Sadie Hawkins Tournament with the lady champion but lost the Hallmark Cup I’d won in the spring to a challenger. Lots of football and politics, plus I enjoy a new book every two months or so. Have a good year!”

I received a letter from Jack Ritchie, in which he states: “Keep up the good work; sorry to hear of your bout with cancer. I grasp for news. Mostly we seem to be aimed at making sure we have no news. I spoke with Muzz Molina last spring and we were planning to get together in some restaurant between Salisbury and New Milford, Conn., where he lives, when he returns from his summer in Vermont. And now he is dead. Who will be the last classmate left standing? News? We are glad that we are where we are. We live in a cottage at a senior continuing care place, Noble Horizons, now 35 years old. It is part of Church Homes, Inc., a senior community in Hartford. We pretty much take care of ourselves, but have the option for bring-in meals, falling back into more care at a nursing home and other. There are many outings, cocktail parties, concerts, etc., where we may choose. News? Come to beautiful and freezing Salisbury, Conn., for a week, starting February 6.”

Frederick P. Appleton
100 O’Brien Court, Suffolk, VA 23434

CLASS OF 1943 | 2014| ISSUE 3

With football in the air, it’s obvious that summer is just about over, and I hope that you had a good one!Speaking of football, I’m reminded of our freshman year of 1939, when Jack Blott’s team won the Little Three Championship and we tore down the goal posts at Amherst. Here’s hoping that Coach Mike Whelan ’83’s Cardinals can repeat last year’s outstanding season and win it again this year!Gene Loveland writes: “Good to hear from you. Forty days from my 94th birthday and feeling good. No more trips, though. I’ve had my fill of airlines. Still busy with my two-page biographical sketches of newcomers and my four putting tournaments. Two of our residents here have sons who were graduated from Wesleyan: last names are Ling and Clutterbuck.I received a nice letter from my old Montclair High buddy and Clark Hall “roomie,” Dick Ferguson, in which he says, “It’s always good to hear from you. Hope all is well with all of yours. Give Bob our best. Not so perfect with Marge. She had a fall on the stairs of Pals Cabin last January which brought on the issues of shingles and she still has an aftermath which we are hoping will end! The family is all well. Gordie has moved to Kiawah, S.C., and is running a dental clinic there. David is doing a great job taking care of my old office. Daughter Kim drops in to see us when going to and from their summer place in Rhode Island from Philadelphia. She is in the education field there. Doug is in New York, quite busy making kilts for many people in New York and London. It would make me happier if I could be out playing golf. I do get to ride my bike frequently.”Candy Molina Ferguson wrote, “My dad, F. Edward (“Muzz”) Molina passed away on Sept. 17, 2014, one week after meeting his hero, Coach Michael Whalen ’83. Dad was a retired businessman living in New Milford Conn.”Keep me posted on any news that’s of interest.Frederick P. Appleton
100 O’Brien Court, Suffolk, VA 23434