CLASS OF 2020 | 2022 | FALL ISSUE

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Mariel Baitenmann-Middlebrook and Isaac Klimasmith got married on the 25th of July 2022 and were thrilled to celebrate their wedding with friends from Wesleyan. Isaac has published three scientific articles and is just beginning his third year of a PhD program. Mariel has started a new job as a dual language social studies teacher. Mariel and Isaac continue to spoil their rat children and enjoy life in their little house on the prairie.

Eiji Frey is finally moving toward a freelance career in furniture and custom fabrication after figuring out life in LA as a tradesman and fabricator for the past couple years! He is super down to hit Wes homies with good deals if you want him to make you cool stuff!

Andrew Hirsh is growing in his Yiddishkeit at Machon Shlomo Yeshiva in Jerusalem and is still working on his crazy start-up:

King Emeka has settled into his own in LA. He works at a commercial production company and creates things in his free time—music, films, and experiences. He has also developed a routine of trying new foods and discovering LA through the perspective of its many different cuisines.

Nick Ticali says, “Life is good!!” Nick starred as Jack Kelly in a production of Newsies at the Cultural Arts Playhouse. The show ran every weekend through August 21st in Syosset, Long Island. He also worked with his mother as a teaching assistant in her summer school program, Mentoring in Medicine; continued his work as an EMT with Northwell Health; and prepared for PA school, which was set to begin on September 1st!

Emilio Weber is moving to Washington, D.C., after two years postgrad working at City Year Philadelphia. He will be attending University of Maryland, College Park, and studying for a MA in sociology of sport.

Alec Haas finished his two-year commitment with Teach for America as a second-grade teacher at a charter school in East Harlem, New York. Concurrently, he also completed a MA in teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. He is proud to have finally been able to walk at our in-person graduation this past spring.

Amir Daouk has been living in NYC with Alec Haas, Teddy Kennedy, and William Humphrey for the past two years. He just finished his first year at EY where he works closely with Mike Gallo as a finance consultant. Amir is still very connected to the Wesleyan community and always enjoys running into fellow Cardinals on the streets of New York!

As for me, I’m so glad I got to catch up with so many of my fellow Class of 2020 classmates at our much belated graduation this past June. We’ve all been on such a journey since we left campus in March 2020 and it was so amazing to hear about what everyone has accomplished since. I’m still in Chicago working in health-care consulting, so if any of you venture out to the Midwest, let me know!