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Dana Louie and Jon Coombs had a great time in Kentucky this summer at Rachel Unger’s wedding, along with Alanah Hall, Kerry Nix, and Arielle Trager ’14, complete with a meteor shower the night of the wedding. Dana also met up with Rachel Leicher, Julian Compagni Portis, Kirby Neaton ’14, and Julian Basurto in Vermont for a Wesleyan cross-country reunion, during which they ran up an Okemo ski trail and a tab at Long Trail Brewing. Finally, Dana and Jon celebrated Friendsgiving this year with Cameron Rahbar, Zach Larabee ’16, and a 16-pound turkey. 

Caroline Catlin is working on a memoir about living with incurable brain cancer as a young adult. She has been advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza, and recently signed the alumni petition demanding that Wesleyan divest from companies profiting off Israeli occupation and apartheid. Talia Baurer, Gabe Frankel, Sophie (Eugene) Massey, and JJ Mitchell have also been advocating for a ceasefire and signed the petition as well.

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