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Angela Slevin and Tim Gallivan met on the last day of classes during the spring of their senior year. They didn’t meet until then because Tim spent a lot of time in Olin and Angela spent a lot of time on Fountain and at the Nest (maybe it was the other way around . . . ?). They will be getting married in Virginia this July surrounded by many beloved Wes friends!

Sara Warnock is preparing for ACL surgery following an accident at Breckenridge and wants to throw out a friendly reminder to stop your ski day when your legs get tired. She’s looking forward to frolicking around Denver and/or San Diego with Amelia Mettler this spring.

This spring, Marissa Castrigno is graduating from UNC Wilmington with an MFA in creative writing. She wrote her first book—narrative nonfiction about riding the New York City subway, among other things. Her goal this year is to get a job she doesn’t hate.

Earl Y. Lin has been busy: “I left my job in DC and moved to Minneapolis to start law school at the University of Minnesota. On the personal front, I also got engaged to my now-fiancée before we moved out here, and we’re excited to be living in the Midwest—a whole new part of the country for both of us—and getting to know the Twin Cities as law school, the cold, and COVID all permit.”

Rebecca Wyzan is “head of development at the Brooklyn-based production company Present Company, co-founded by Dan Janvey ’06 and Paul Mezey. We launched in December of 2021.”

Melissa Luning writes: “I just started my first semester in the Advanced Standing BSN Program at Farmingdale State College. I am interested in pediatric and neonatal care. I am excited to begin the journey to becoming an RN (and to be able to do it all in person)!”

From Jamie Hall: “I’ve been living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with my partner Kaylen and my cat Seven (not Steven). I completed a successful Dry January, which I’m extending into February, and I’m growing out a winter beard that is mostly brown with some auburn parts. I also started a new job conducting research and analysis for a solar and storage company. Hope the whole Wes fam is staying healthy and doing well!” 

Kehan Zhou says: “I am the CEO of Terrascope, Inc. We are building the first AI real estate agent with deep learning and computer vision technology. My co-founder, Julian Compagni Portis, and I started the company in 2020. Terrascope has been featured in 17-plus publications and podcasts. This year we are hiring more machine learning scientists and raising a seed round. Happy to collaborate with alums working in the Proptech and VC sector.”

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