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Greetings Wesleyan community! Please enjoy the following updates from the Class of 2010:

We have three publications to report!

Rebecca Turkewitz recently published her debut book, a spooky, literary, short story collection titled Here in the Night, with Black Lawrence Press. It’s got dark New England woods, a boarding school murder mystery, queer ladies telling each other ghost stories, and lots of people still awake when they really should be sleeping!

Phil Singleton adds, “I published my first novel and made it an audiobook as well! Daybreaker is the story of the titular spaceship as it ‘tows’ the earth to a new star after our sun mysteriously goes supernova.” Phil’s book can be found here:

Carolyn Sinclair-McCalla recently published a children’s book entitled, We Can Walk Around with Everything. It is the Good News of Jesus Christ, penned to help parents and grandparents share their faith with their children, and beautifully illustrated by Kamar Thomas. It is available from Westbow Press, on Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

Shannon Sun-Higginson and Andrew Murphy were thrilled to welcome their daughter, Kira, in March of this year. Kira currently loves eating books, splashing around in the tub, seeing dinos at the museum, and shaking her shaky egg. Kira has loved meeting her aunts and uncles Yulhee Cho ’11, Gabriel Furtado, Samantha Sherman ’09, Tara Kahn Rooks,and Aaron Izakowitz .

Elizabeth Larner changed her last name to Leonard. She adds that she “finally got around to it after getting married more than four years ago.” And in more exciting news, she and her husband welcomed their second son, Adam, in August. 

Dan Heinrich Manuyag is currently based in Los Angeles and is fortunate to be still able to build community, travel, and create art with NYC–based Chelsea Rodriguez, Lorena Estrella, and Genesis Grullon through the Reading and Writing Rainbow Collective. This December he celebrated the adult Bar Mitzvah of Miles Tokunow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mazel tov, Miles!

Lorena Estrella is back in the printshop dusting off old type, slinging ink, and learning the art of letterpress printing. She has also been advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza by making and distributing free posters and stickers, attending local protests, and reading Palestinian poetry. Dan Heinrich has joined Lorena in this effort by attending local rallies and sharing Lorena’s and other alumni’s protest artwork. Dan and Lorena are joined by Lex Horan, Leah Lucid, and Miles in encouraging alumni to move Wesleyan toward divestment from “companies profiting off Israeli occupation and apartheid.” Feel free to reach out to them for further details regarding a circulating alumni petition.

Thanks as always to those who contributed and, as always, feel free to pass along notes anytime to