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Hi, ’04—sincerely appreciate you taking the time to send me some updates for this round of notes.

Stephanie Mandell tells us: “Work and family life in Burbank, California, are going well. I continue to play a ton of ultimate and got to compete in nationals in the grandmaster (e.g., old person) division last summer. This was after a lovely visit out East where I saw Josh Kaye, Megan Ridley-Kaye ’05, and Jon Lashley. Looking forward to our 20th Reunion!”

Adam Hodge says: “I just wrapped up my time serving in the Biden administration as spokesperson for the National Security Council and assistant United States trade representative for Public Affairs. Enjoying a nice break with family before figuring out what’s next!”

Raven Maldonado has been settling into her new home in Yonkers, New York, with husband Charlie Goodman, nine-year-old son, Wesley (Wes for short), and two-year-old daughter, Gabriela. She recently started a new position as global people engagement director at Heifer International and is building a consulting practice in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and organizational development. She recently became an ambassador for her upcoming 20-year Wesleyan reunion and is excited to reconnect with classmates in May. Where has the time gone?!

Additionally, Amy Todd moved recently to Portland, Maine, with her husband and two young kids. She mostly parents, works from home for an environmental research organization, and finds some time for other hobbies like beekeeping and biking. She’d love to connect with other Wes alum in the area. 

Nick Vincent is approaching his second anniversary as executive director of the undergraduate career center at Columbia University and is loving life in higher ed. Nick’s son, Leo, is in kindergarten and flourishing in the NYC public school system; validation that taxes are inherently good.

Ashley (Elia) Weller reports she “started a small animal mobile veterinary acupuncture practice two years ago that continues to grow and, she says, has been so rewarding! Also, we are due with our (surprise!) third baby this spring!”

Mark Schindler launched OtterBear Enterprises, an advisory service to help companies navigate the complex landscape of SaaS. Mark offers strategic guidance, organizational design, product development support, as well as innovation and communication improvement strategies. Mark’s goal with OtterBear is to demystify the tech world for successful business leaders stepping into SaaS for the first time, offering them a guiding hand through the complexities of the industry.

Tim Ridout joined the U.S. Navy in January 2022 as an officer. He is currently stationed at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and lives in northern Virginia.

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