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Hi friends! Just a quick update this time around.

Rallie Snowden shares that she is still living in Shenandoah Valley with her just-turned 13-year-old and her 5-year-old. She keeps in touch with Anne Brockelman in Boston.

Sally Lee (NYC) and Kate Baker (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) have been advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza, and recently signed the alumni petition demanding that Wesleyan divest from Israeli interests.

Nina Erlich-Williams writes: “I visited Hilary Hoeber and her sweet family in Davis, California, for a sunny weekend in September. We had a very active weekend that included celebrating Mexican Independence Day at a hops farm, strolling through charming downtown Davis, and lunch with Hilary’s parents (including fellow Wesleyan grad Tom Hoeber ’63). It was a great visit and a wonderful chance to celebrate more than three decades of friendship.”

And the next generation of Wesleyan students continues! Deborah Mahoney tells us that she and her husband Joseph Mahoney ’94 “had a fabulous time dropping our frosh son, Noah, off at Wesleyan this August for pre-season cross country with his new college team! He is living in Foss—which looks exactly the same as it did in 1994—and wishes the Usdan dining hall were a little closer. We lamented the closure of MoCon, but then were surprised at how fabulous the new dining options and meal plan are for the kids these days. We got to observe the first cross-country practice (running a time trial on a track) and then we went home to Minnesota. Later, we were surprised that we got to watch Noah at cross-country nationals while we were out East visiting my mom in Philadelphia! He got pretty sick the day before the race, ended up running anyways, but felt terrible. It was fun for him to be invited, however. Joe and I also met up with Sara Berenbom (now Friedman) whose son, Zach, was running there too—for Tufts!  It was such a blast. Joe and I are still working as physicians in Minnesota. We have a high school sophomore daughter, Isabel, at home. She’s aiming to run Division 1 at some school that is NOT where her brother attends. We’ll see!”

Hope everyone is doing well!  Keep sending us your news!