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Hello, fellow ’96ers! I hope this update finds you well.

We have two newly published authors in our midst! In January Jacob Ward published his first book, The Loop: How Technology Is Creating a World without Choices and How to Fight Back. It combines interviews with the top minds in behavioral science and cutting-edge reporting on technology to warn readers about the danger that AI is about to do to our most important critical faculties as what Google Maps did to our ability to navigate from place to place. Jake is a technology correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC and debuted the book on the TODAY Show. He lives in Oakland and regularly sees Shola Olatoye and Matt Strozier, Susan Yee, along with Walter Einenkel ’97 and Clara Petit ’97.

Samantha Greene Woodruff published her first novel, The Lobotomist’s Wife. As the title suggests, the main character, Ruth, is the wife of a charismatic doctor who is championing a new treatment in the 1950s, the lobotomy. As the doctor begins to operate recklessly on his patients, Ruth realizes she is the only one who can save them. In addition to buying Sam’s book, you can also read this piece she wrote for Newsweek

Daniel Cohen and Mara Kailin are close to 20 years in Denver. Dan’s entrepreneurial COVID baby is Two Tails Story Co. (, a start-up founded on the attachment between people and their dogs. The B2C e-commerce company will offer unique, fully personalized books and art. Thanks to the Wes grads that helped Two Tails get started! And Mara left her role in community mental health after 18 years and has been consulting and working with private behavioral health companies (and teaching, taking private clients, and more). The two of them are beginning to wonder about life after their oldest— Eli (16)—goes to college in a couple of years.

Rallie Snowden writes: “I am still living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my 11-year-old daughter Porter and my 3 ½-year-old son Miguel. The kids, plus being in my eighth year of working in the counseling center at Washington & Lee University, keep me pretty busy. Cheers to all my fellow Wesleyan alums!”

Finally, Ben Meyer informed us of his cross-country move: “My wife and I relocated from LA to Brooklyn this summer, for her work. My kiddo, Bash, is in fourth grade with Amelia, daughter of Elizabeth Meister ’92, whom I know from grad school in Chicago. She’s always introducing me to other Wes folk in the South Slope. We’re swarming around here! East Coasters, give me a shout.”

It’s always great to hear what folks are up to—please continue to send us your news.