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As we eagerly anticipate our 35th REUNION this May, let’s catch up on the latest from our classmates:

Kim Slote is pursuing an online master of social work at Florida State University. She’s still in the health-care tech field but plans a career shift in a few years. Kim, currently in Naples, Florida, is looking to move to Philadelphia postgraduation and would love to connect with fellow Wes alumni there. Betsy Henry shares her excitement and appreciation. She’s looking forward to attending the reunion, potentially her first, and extends her best wishes to everyone. Howie Chalfin reminisces about our Wesleyan days and is planning to attend the reunion, hoping to reconnect with old friends and celebrate with his interns who are graduating this year. Carrie Emmerson, our dedicated public school teacher from Maine, is trying her best to join us despite the busy Memorial Day weekend. She’s also working to spark more interest in the reunion among our classmates. David Averbach thanks everyone for keeping the Wesleyan spirit alive through these updates. 

Co-class secretary Michele Barnwell served as showrunner and executive producer on season two of the food-history documentary series High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America—which is now streaming on Netflix. She reports most definitely eating her way through production. 

Yours truly, Jonathan Fried, recently enjoyed a lively Hanukkah gathering at the home of Andrew Shear and Lynne Lazarus. It was a mini-Wesleyan reunion with Stephanie Dolgoff, David Milch, and Greg Benson. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the hill for our 35th!

Warm regards,

J & M