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Our class is still looking for one or two volunteers to be Class Secretary and gather stories to share with our classmates. If interested, write to me or to Liz Taylor ’87 at

We didn’t get many submissions for Class Notes or many volunteers to serve as secretary.  Via our Facebook group (255 members), we asked for submissions, and Emily Zaslow Hourihan commented, “I got nothing!!! Ha ha. Xox,” to which Steve Cadigan replied, “C’mon. I don’t believe you,” and she then said, “I’ve been in my bathrobe for three years!”  Also on Facebook, there was a lot of discussion about William Garson Paszamant, better known as Willie Garson to his many fans and throughout the entertainment industry—stage, film, and television. Best known for his role in the iconic HBO television series Sex and the City, he died of pancreatic cancer last September.

In case you missed it, the prior issue of the alumni magazine had a full-page picture of Michael Bay accompanying a story about the future of film and a full-page article by Steve Cadigan about his book on the future of work.  Because Steve had been LinkedIn’s first HR officer, I went to LinkedIn and discovered that several classmates have a great relationship with their employer. Later this year Becca Golden will be celebrating her 30th anniversary with the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, where she oversees national grant-making programs, and Forrest Maltzman will soon be celebrating his 30th year as a professor of political science at George Washington University.  Via Facebook, Steve also noted he had a chance last summer to visit Tony Zimmerman and his wife Anne at his home in Hartford, has been in regular touch with Gus Conroy who is in Houston—comparing notes on life and work—and also met up with Scott Donohue, who humbled him in a tennis match and then asked if Steve wanted to go on a bike ride up a steep mountain with him . . . no thanks.

How are the rest of you doing with your aspirations?  I also know that some have retired, while others are moving on in different ways.  Bridge Growth Partners, a leading technology investment firm, announced in November that it had appointed Jonathan Harber as senior advisor to identify and evaluate investment opportunities. He has expertise, insights, and relationships from more than 30 years as a pioneer in education technology. He recently was CEO for Pearson K12 Technology, overseeing a business unit with 1,000 employees and serving over 25 million students.  Another job change was Noah Pickus, who after 25 years at Duke University, joined the Minerva Project as chief academic officer and their associated university in the role of professor of social sciences.

Lastly, David Hill deserves our deep thanks, as he continues to serve in a leadership role in the university-wide Alumni Association.