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Greetings! Time marches on and despite this never-ending pandemic, our classmates continue to thrive. I have spent the last two years working in urban education and when not putting out fires, reading, cooking, meditating, and trying to make sense of it all. I send everyone fond wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Charlie Brenner left the University of Iowa, where he was head of biochemistry for 11 years, to become the inaugural chair of a new Department of Diabetes and Cancer Metabolism at City of Hope in Los Angeles. He started a virology project in the lab, met President Roth and Peter Gilhuly at the home of Luke Wood ’91 and Sophia Nardin ’91, and saw Brad Whitford ’81 play Ebenezer Scrooge. Living in Pasadena, Charlie works out on the Mirror and jousts on Twitter!

Franky De Poli lives in Argentina and owns and runs a company that sells equipment to fuel cars, planes, ships, and trains across Latin America. Franky remarried nine years ago and is delighted to announce the arrival of a new baby girl (Mia) in April. A true “modern family,” he has three wonderful children from his first marriage, two grandchildren, and all get along great, including his ex-wife. Franky remains in close contact with Paul Gross ’84 and met up on campus with Mike Whalen and Paul DiSanto ’81 when he last visited.

Judy Korin hunkered down at home in LA this past year and finished producing a documentary film many years in the making—Rebel Hearts. The movie premiered at Sundance and after a nice festival run, the film is now streaming globally on Discovery+. She enjoyed telling the colorful story of a group of progressive Catholic nuns in 1960s’ Los Angeles who stood up to the patriarchy of the church. Judy is excited to share it with the world!

Heather Rae sold everything and relocated to southeastern Florida to build out her functional health and genomics practice (cutting-edge science to assess root chronic health conditions: environmental toxins, nutrient levels, variants in enzymes (genes) of inflammation and detoxification, cellular voltage, and membrane lipids). Way to go Heather! Having just started to see an integrative and functional health doctor to address assorted ailments associated with growing older, I salute you!

Nancy Rommelmann launched a media company,, in November, and is working on a book that includes her coverage of the 2020–2021 protests in Portland. She currently splits her time between NYC and Houston.

Despite being quarantined for most of 2020, Janet Binswanger managed to make the best of it, and got married on a beautiful sunny evening in September. She writes, “Neil and I have a blended family of 6 kids and are extremely happy together. I have the greatest job at Vynamic, a health-care management consulting company as their curator; curating all their events, team experiences: aka ‘Director of Happiness.’”

David Frankfurter and Anath Golomb shared their activities during the “plague year.” They (1) adopted a second puppy (of diverse breeds) brought up from Houston; (2) held in-class university teaching, while simultaneously managing Zoom students; (3) saw psychotherapy patients by Zoom from home, while said Houston dog barks at UPS trucks; (4) dined outdoors in 45-degree windchill; (5) enjoyed overly international Zoom seders; and (6) not getting COVID!

At the end of February, Megan Norris began a new position as CEO of Miller Canfield, the law firm for which she has been practicing for 35 years.  She writes, “Taking on the position as we come out of the pandemic is a bit of a baptism by fire, and 200 attorneys are a lot of cats to wrangle, but I have spent my entire career here and it is very satisfying to finish it out this way.” At the beginning of the pandemic, Megan’s daughter, Taylor Matthew ’17, moved back to Detroit from Boston for grad school. With an MA in teaching, Taylor begins her career as a teacher in the Detroit public schools.

Karen Miller Zoomed with a bunch of her field hockey/roommate crew: Gretchen Millspaugh Cooney from Pennsylvania, Sue Stallone Kelly from New York, Barb Bailey Beckwitt from Colorado, and Tammy Rosengarten Darcas from Australia. While a couple of them may have had a glass of wine, Tammy, being in Australia, enjoyed her morning coffee. Karen’s daughter finally got married after postponing it for a year and resides in Latvia while her husband plays hockey for the KHL of Russia. Her two other daughters moved back to the Connecticut area to be with their brother.

Glenn Duhl (with wife Peggy), Matt Ember, and Laurie Sklarin Ember ’84 had a couple great days together in California.

Lastly, I wish everyone a happy 60th. Many have wrote of their celebrations: Taya Glotzer and Michael Sommer, Tom Donnelly (and Heidi), Peter Jankowski (and Dottie), Frank Moll ’84 (and Diana), and Melanie Peters had a reunion to mark the occasion.