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Gail Boxer has been appointed board chair of Cyted, a cancer diagnostics company based in Cambridge, UK.

Geoff Ginsburg, chief medical and scientific officer of the NIH All of US Research Program, has received the PMWC Luminary Award for his pioneering work in personalized and genomic medicine.

Alison Gilchrist reports, “Loving and grateful for: life on the Maine coast, biking, sailing, fun volunteer work in the vast photo archives of a maritime museum, two grandboys, healthy family not far away (brother Geoff ’92 here), good health, and great friends. So happy I went to Wes, by the way!”

John McDermott welcomed his first grandchild, Liam McDermott Lockwood, into their family on November 7 (“everyone is healthy . . . all the best”).

Lucy Mize has welcomed her first grandchild as well— Anna (“she is divine”)—born on August 8 to her son Thaddeus ’17 and his wife, Alex. Lucy is close to finishing her dissertation, “End of Life Doulas in Vermont,” for her DrPh in life coaching. She also continues full-time work, traveling to India, Indonesia, and Thailand. Her daughter, Belle Brown ’22, has done extensive recent Asian travels as well, and is starting work in climate conservation. Lucy sends “all her best.”

Dana Rashti was able to recently spend a month in Sicily as part of an Italian language and cultural immersion program. It was based in Ortigia, a small island that was the historical center of Syracuse. She found Sicily rich in contrasts and history— economically, socially, topographically, culturally, and gastronomically—and was able to visit her grandparents’ hometowns of Agrigento and Canicatini Bagni (“stood on the ground that gave them life and where they spent their youth . . .  that was special for me”). Dana has been pursuing nonprofit work since retiring last year.