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It has been great receiving many RSVPs to our Reunion this spring from all around the world. Micha Balf and Rachel Helfer, from Israel, plan to attend. Jim Lyons from Germany and Wendy (Brown) Giardina from Switzerland are also looking forward to returning to campus.

I had a chance to spend quality time with Wendy last November. We met up in Paris where I was visiting with my family and friends in honor of my mom who passed away last summer. We spent a few days museum viewing, walking the grand boulevards, and joyfully eating fine French food. Wendy was a great sport for being part of my family for the whole time.

Back to Jim Lyons: He is living happily in Frankfurt these days, and is still active writing and directing in the German theater scene. Recently he directed the European premiere of Dinah Was, a musical biography of the singer Dinah Washington. Jim’s e-mail:

Louise Hazebrouck and husband Steve Rome ’78 are currently teaching English in Dajia, Taiwan, after having traveled around Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand for six weeks. This is the first of many adventures for the retiring public school teachers.

Jerry Caplin is the proud parent of three kids who will be attending Duke University next year. The three are accomplished fencers. Jerry remarked that, while thinking of three kids in college at the same time is a bit numbing, at least he will not have any issue surrounding parents’ weekend.

Janet Malkemes in Charlotte is busy hosting a bevy of friends and family.

Bob Glasspiegel is thankful for many good things this past year. Bob and wife Sue are especially thankful for traveling to see many friends/relatives. They began a new tradition of spending Januarys in another part of the world. They had a fabulous trip to New Zealand and Australia recently.

John Fink, from Hawaii, writes asking for good, danceable, 1970s music at our Reunion event(s). I certainly second this sentiment. The month prior, John will be visiting with Peter Guenther and Rick Dennett in New York. Otherwise, John makes sure to visit Oregon to spend time often with his grandson, as well as his son and daughter.

Speaking of Hawaii, Jason Baron and his wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary there.

It is always fun when you run into a friend when you least expect it. That was the case when I visited with Sarah Kendall at an art exhibit opening at the deCordova Museum in Lincoln, Mass., last fall. Sarah came south from Nelson, N.H., to support an artist friend who was featured in the show.

Wes Protheroe and wife Robin are enjoying what they are calling their “pre-tirement.” Wes serves on two Boards—the advisory board of a Research Triangle-based pharma firm specializing in developing Alzheimer drugs, and the Atlanta Humane Society. He is also executive coaching and consulting with private equity and venture capital firms focused on direct-to-consumer financial services. I am intrigued to learn that Wes and Robin participate in “team trivia” weekly with friends. Jeopardy! cannot be far behind.

Doug Green met up with Iddy Olson before the holidays in Chicago (Evanston precisely). Doug and wife Katie were in town to celebrate the graduation of their son from Northwestern.

By the time we read this, Susan Jacobson will have attended the Women’s March in January in D.C., connecting with many friends there from WesU. Susan’s great quote: “Our class was always told we missed the glory days of student protests. Well, what do you know? Now we have another chance!”

Doug Hauschild, Jody (Cosgrove) van Geldern, and James Udelson each expect to be at Reunion. Everyone is looking forward to being together in May. Just a reminder, Reunion is over the weekend of May 26-28. We are expecting a record number of classmates in attendance at our 40th. You won’t want to miss out!

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