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Bob MacLean: “Happy to say I am still in touch with John Dunton whenever there is a relevant rock’n’roll song from the Wombat era, Phil Russell when I need a golf lesson, and Ralph Jacobs during the annual races at Laguna Seca racetrack.

“I am also pleased to say that this is my 45th year as a professional ski instructor, practicing my trade on a part-time basis for year number 15 at Snowmass, Colorado. I’m looking for classmates to come ski with me or if that’s a bit much to ask, how about a little fly-fishing?  Or, if you are so inclined, I recently added on an instrument instructor rating to my certified flight instructor certificate to keep active during the pandemic lockdown. Obviously, none of this has anything to do with my Wesleyan experience except my thanks to Ted See for introducing me to the sport of skiing in Vermont in 1963. Probably should have been studying instead. Wishing my classmates health and happiness as we gaze into the sunset.”

Geoff Geiser: “We are still hanging in there. My wife Carole and I celebrate our 56th anniversary in June. Our primary residence is still in Pennsylvania. We also have a summer home on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. We have two children and four grandchildren. All are thriving and doing well.”

Jim Stewart is still working “more than full time” at the law firm of Pullman & Comley in Bridgeport. Recovering well from heart surgery (summer 2020), and still playing racquetball. Two daughters—Trinity and Wesleyan. Both are trust and estate lawyers and busy with their four granddaughters (ages 8–10).

Charlie Bassos: “Still kicking. Well, maybe not kicking as high as I used to. Most of what is happening in my life revolves around our five grandkids, ages 10, 5, 4, 2, and 2. We exercise a lot, but the MOST exercise we get is when we babysit the youngest ones! Wife Zoe and I wonder how we ever raised our two daughters who were 13 months apart. Daughter Stephanie is building a commercial photography business in the Denver area. Daughter Christi is vice president of digital media for the Tampa Bay Bucs. The team and she got themselves a Super Bowl ring last year and came up just short this year. Will they ever get another chance with Brady gone? I speak occasionally with Frank Green and he chats from time to time with Anthony Caprio ’67, Tom Moreland, and Mark Edmiston.”

Bertel Haarder: Attended Wesleyan during his junior year abroad (1964–65) from his college in Denmark. Later, he distinguished himself as a master of political science graduate and associate professor. He is now in his 42nd year as Liberal Party member of the Danish Parliament. He was also cabinet minister for 22 years and a 7-year member of the European Parliament. Now, president of the Nordic Council and chairman of the Royal Danish Theatre, he also serves on several parliamentary committees. (Glad Wesleyan could have some part in his impressive career!)

Good to hear from Dave Osgood who has been out of the Wesleyan loop for some years. He reconnected via a recent email with Larry Carver ’66. Dave lives outside of Nashville. He reports: “In September I drove to Wisconsin and spent a couple of days with George Adams and Bill Turner.  George is still running his company—an impressive manufacturing operation. Bill is involved in several businesses but devotes most of his time to golf and tennis. He and his wife, Barbara, spend half of the year in Wisconsin and half of the year at their home in Florida.”

Rob Abel and I had a wonderful chat in early February. We spoke because I was particularly interested in the course he teaches—The Healers’ Art—to first-year medical students at Thomas Jefferson University. (Rob is on the faculty of the university’s Department of Integrative Medicine and emeritus professor of ophthalmology.) The goal of the course is to invoke a sense of empathy, encourage active listening, and develop gratitude in students’ daily lives. These qualities are, unfortunately, not emphasized in medical schools.  Also, Rob has been invited to Africa this fall to teach eye residents from Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda, and has an interest in new approaches to bone and joint replacement. Talk about a life with purpose!

Marsh Cusic: “Despite cancellation of our ’65 gathering due to COVID, Georgeanne and I came back for Homecoming in November, amidst spectacular fall colors from Pennsylvania to New England. (It reminded us of several times in recent years when Georgeanne, singlehandedly, drove our daughters, Cyndi and Emily, and their high school teammates, oars, and boats to the Head of the Charles Regatta with the Mendota Wisconsin Rowing Club team.)

“With that pleasant memory in mind, we decided to go ahead and celebrate anyway, as did a handful of ’65 die-hards plus wives. And, despite the exciting, heart-wrenching, four-overtime loss to Amherst (in a drenching rain), Georgeanne and I, along with Gary Witten, Clyde Beers, Phil Rockwell, and wives, drowned our sorrows over brews and seafood at a local pub and had a great time.

“On a separate note, I’m pleased to say that long-lost close friend and ’65 Chi Psi brother Carl Siekmann has surfaced. Carl called me after receiving news about our reunion. (We had lost contact when Carl and I took a break after our sophomore year.)  Then, we got together with Carl and his wife, Susan, in Saint Louis. Carl is now a professor at Washington University Business School.”

Clyde Beers: “In the most recent communication from Wesleyan, I was happy to see President Roth extoll freedom of expression and acceptance of differing points of view.  His actions have not always registered well with me, but I do feel that is one of the most important things a college can offer. And I think his action is necessary.”

And, sorry to end these notes with a sad notification from Drew Hult that his wife Marilyn passed away in September of 2019. Drew, on behalf of all your classmates, deepest sympathies.