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Great news on the banner to honor the 1959 basketball team.  It is being crafted and will hang in the Silloway Gymnasium, as agreed.  Thanks to Mike Whalen, Frantz Williams, and all involved at the school to make this happen!!

The great class of ’59 continues to surprise. Dick Voog writes after an absence of 45 years. A 3-2, 5-year combo degree from Wes and MIT led to an engineering career of 47 years, the precursor of today’s STEM grads. He describes his career as supporting the Navy’s submarine force by doing things he cannot talk about even now. After that, he started an LLC with the motto “Doing well by doing good.” This one he can talk about as it is about to go public. Further details to follow.

Margaret and Owen Tabor are still “straddling” between Memphis and Charlottesville, Virginia, avoiding COVID and chasing grands at college sports. They have just celebrated 60 years together—another Wes/Conn College matchup. Owen talks regularly with Jack Lambert in London, and he supports Doug Bennet’s son Michael ’87 in his political efforts, although he admits to having stopped watching the news. “We had an absolutely wonderful class of guys.” Your scribes agree!

Charlie Huchet checks in, another “unusual suspect.” He and Mary Lou are “hunkering down” in New Hope, Pennsylvania, waiting for the locusts. He and Charlie Wrubel, along with Tom Malamud ’60, regularly met for lunch in mid–New Jersey to reminisce and tell stories. Charlie thinks regularly of Bob Gillette who was his roommate. Charlie is presently hoping to get back for our 65th!!

“Unusual suspect” John Stalnaker reports in from the Cincinnati area. John lost his wife of 57 years four years ago; another Wes/Conn College matchup, this one producing 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, and 5 grands. All are scattered around the country, but they manage 3 to 4 gatherings each year. For the last several years, John has taken a trip to Europe with at least part of the gang. This year, hopefully, to Puglia. He has been a student and professor for 20 years and a real estate investor for 40 more. Still working at it but slowing down and with more help. When asked why he still labors, he cites persistence, inflexibility, and “if it ain’t broke . . . .” As he ages, he worries about the loss of long-term friends, something we all have in common. Thanks for reporting, John (and his best friend Tasha, his dog and fellow walker!).

Herb Steiner is all smiles. His granddaughter, Alyse, has been accepted early admission to Wes. This makes the third Steiner generation! Way to go Alyse! Ellen and Herb are wintering in Delray, Florida.

Wolfram Thiemann has had a “good” ’21, even after a knee replacement and thoughtlessly being rammed by an uncaring skateboarder causing a broken arm and injured shoulder. Now for the good news:  a 10-day river cruise on the Danube; Christmas with his daughter’s family in the Rheinland; and some leisurely touring of some of the great Hapsburg cities. What a treat living in Europe with all its ancient wonders. He still thinks fondly of our great 60th Reunion in 2019.

Paul Stevens and Dodo are off to Vieques, Puerto Rico, for a blast of warmth and sunshine. They have just downsized to a condo in Cape Elizabeth but still spend 6 months at their cottage on Little Diamond Island.  Paul has kept up his involvement in architecture through SMRT.  He is active on several community boards. His spare time is spent mentoring 3 Angolan immigrant families, a very rewarding experience.  No more marathons, but 2 sons live nearby with 3 grandchildren, so plenty to keep going for!!

Charlie Wrubel and Myra have been sunning in Saint Johns to avoid another New York snowstorm. Family trips around the country have included Scottsdale, Los Angeles, and Colorado Springs.  Son Bill’s (’85) daughter has been accepted at Wesleyan early decision, the fourth generation to attend. Bill’s episode of Ted Lasso is now written and will be shot in London this spring. Should be running midyear.  Cannot wait!!

Cannot leave you all without a pitch from all your buddies:  Skip, Spurts, Al Brooks, and Dick Cadigan:

Many have given already, but we need everyone to pitch in with a check for the Annual Fund this year.  We are shooting for over 75% participation. The old gits can do it!!  Don’t forget Olin Society bequeaths!!

Thanks again to all who responded to our news call from those not heard from for a long while:

Dick Voog, Charlie Huchet, Paul Stevens, and John Stalnaker. Keep it coming lads!!

Finally, our 65th Reunion is almost upon us.  Mark your calendars for spring 2024, specific date and details to follow.  Look forward to seeing you all there!!

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